Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Part two of my interview with Mathieu is up over at KTM - two main issues, "U.S Weapons for the Jihad" and "The Turkish side of the story…'


noise said...

Very interesting interview. Looking forward to the stuff about Perle. I admit I don't "get" the secret unless he is suggesting that the neocons are arming the planet AND supporting terrorist networks in strategic (oil + natural gas) locations. As for the black market, at this point I don't even see the need. Meaning if you are on the neocons/US good side you can seemingly do whatever you want and will not be held to account.

The cynical theory is that the US supplies weapons and then a few years down the road (after the media scares the shit out of the public for awhile) it's time to crank up the war machine. I take it that is also part of Edmond's secret.

As for 9/11 is Mathieu advocating blowback as the rationale? That may be PART of it but it's quite clear it was much more complex than that...in terms of the warnings and the strange behavior of US intel. Maybe I didn't understand what Mathieu was suggesting.

lukery said...

Noise - glad you liked it.
As for the black market, at this point I don't even see the need.
think of the profits :-)

The cynical theory is...
I'm pretty cynical - but I don't buy into this one. That's why I focus on individuals and selfishness. I think they are just trying to make money when they can, they are just (IMO) arms runners.

re Mathieu's position on 911, I'll give you a sneak preview of the rest of the interview:
"And 9/11 happened. Did the U.S have foreknowledge of the attacks ? Yes. Did the U.S have foreknowledge of the date ? I don’t know. Did the U.S plan the attacks ? I don’t know. "