Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Republicans:"strong and tough" on national security

* glenn:
" The only way to see the Bush movement as "serious, weighty, tough" foreign policy thinkers, and the only way to see Democrats like Dean as "frivolous and weak on defense," is to completely ignore (or distort) history and to operate from the premise that being terribly wrong is a sign of seriousness and wisdom and being completely right is a sign of frivolity and weakness.

And it is worth noting -- in fact, it is critical to ingest -- that the President pronounces himself more certain than ever that he is right about his foreign policy approach. The same approach that brought us the unparalleled disaster in Iraq, North Korean nuclear tests, a neglected and therefore resurgent Taliban, and an Iran that is seemingly determined to acquire nuclear weapons is what will continue to guide our country's behavior over the next two years if the President can continue to operate with a free hand. Only in the up-is-down world of the American media political dialogue would Republicans be deemed "strong and tough" on national security and foreign policy be considered their strong suit. It is almost impossible to have been more wrong than they have been, and to weaken this country more than it's been weakened over the past five years."
* Rimone's review of Death of a President is up. Trailer here.

* There's more here on the French Armenian genocide bill. I'm surprised that the wingnuts haven't gone mad about this (or maybe they have.)

* VOA:
"A top U.S. counter-narcotics official says U.S. drug agencies are working with other international drug enforcement agencies to try to prevent heroin from Afghanistan from reaching drug users in the United States."

U.S. officials say the Taleban is encouraging opium growing in the southern Helmand Province, where American and NATO troops are battling a persistent insurgency.

The assistant secretary of state for narcotics and law enforcement, Anne Patterson, told Congress last month that the Taleban is also protecting drug routes and traffickers. She said, whether the Taleban is getting revenue from the drug trade, or just encouraging an anti-government statement is not clear."

either that, or Feith, Grossman, Perle and Hastert and their Turkish friends are getting rich.


rimone said...

i left out a LOT of shit, knowing this would be opening in the States on, i think, 27. october. it began w/the voice-over by the Muslim wife of the man they imprisoned near the middle of the flick (w/English subtitles). at the end of the flick you knew who she was and they showed her repeating her earlier comments...totally heartbreaking.

the 'assassination' itself was filmed in very good taste, in fact the entire thing was in very good taste. absolutely no Schadenfreude as i said in my post. compare and contrast w/'the path to 9/11'. morons.

lukery said...

it's shocking to me that things could be worse than they are, but i totally believe it.


Anonymous said...

glenn too?

i'm really sick of hearing progressive voices say things like "an Iran that is seemingly determined to acquire nuclear weapons"

based on what? Gordon Prather says there is absolutely no evidence. What Iran is demanding is a peaceful nuclear power program MONITORED BY THE IAEA. If Iran was interested in nuke weapons, they would no be inviting IAEA inspectors to their country as they are by pursuing their rights under the NPT.

Glenn offers no evidence, just drops the phrase in passing as if it were accepted wisdom.

These people using "iran is a serious threat which the prez has ignored" to pile on this adminitration are going to seem like hypocrites if they wake enough to oppose the war on Iran.

lukery said...

anon - hear hear.