Saturday, October 07, 2006

Vagina Bobologues

* driftglass on bobo on vagina monologues:
"Congressmen are not hired to molest children.

Congressmen are not hired to cover up for the molesters of children.

This is a concept which is not beyond David Brooks’ comprehension, but beyond his honor. He is not actually dumb enough not to know better, because he is not a stupid man, but a despicable man.

When he dissembles to deflect judgment away from child sex predators and their enablers in his Party, he does it by choice.

Because he is a Good Republican and not a Good American.

Because it does not matter how many times Republicans hits your grandma upside the head with a shovel, Bobo will forever waddle onto the crime scene, pick up the bloody weapon and screech, “But the Liberals…”"
FTR, I was anxiously awaiting to see if Bobo's appearance on Lehrer followed his usual habit of repeating his column verbatim and mentioned vaginas. alas.

* last week TREX sed that he wanted nancy grace on the Foley thing. Yesterday she had Mike Rogers on the show. nancy wants every congresscritter in jail. i can barely argue with her (naughty me).

* "Do-It-Yourself Impeachment
Hold on to the other copy of the two letters until October 12th when we're having everyone send them in. (and a second wave on Jan. 3rd - after the new congress)."


Kathleen said...

YESSSSS. I love this. Just made to order for thee and meee. It's like the right to defrend oneself in Court, which drives lawyers crazy, as this may drive Reps crazy, but then that's what they do to us, isn't it?

This is like an early XMAS present. Yes, Virginia, there is Santa and he/she can read the law.

lukery said...

Kathleen - don't miss swanson's impeachment article