Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Weldon & Finmeccanica, again

"How did Curt Weldon become the go-to congressman for Italian defense contractor Finmeccanica? As Ken Silverstein first reported, Finmeccanica subsidiaries Oto Melara and AgustaWestland hired the "boutique" Media-Pennsylvania based firm of Weldon's close friend, real estate agent and former kids' sports coach Cecelia Grimes as a lobbyist; Silverstein further reported that Agusta Westland had hired another Weldon daughter Kim in its public relations department. So how did Finmeccanica find its way to Weldon, family and friends? Here's the Italian ambassador, Curt Weldon, Oto Melara N.A. CEO Howard Goldberg headlning a US-Italy defense dialogue in Philadelphia last November. Finmeccanica features Weldon among its special podcasts it is offering on its website, along with podcasts from the CEOs of various of its divisions. Strangely enough, as at Itera's Jacksonville Florida offices, Finmeccanica's DC office telephone doesn't seem to work very well anymore."

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