Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a whole lotta euphemisms.

i haven't been able to add anything but the facts to the story of Company Bella. words fail me.

here is a press report:

"Authorities dubbed the sweep “Operation Return to Sender,” the same tag applied to a nationwide roundup in June that netted more than 2,100 illegal immigrants."



“Operation Return to Sender,”




that sounds to me like a whole lotta euphemisms.

where are the good germans?

i feel sick.


rimone said...

if it was a real 'operation return to sender' EVERYONE of US Americans would have family fucking disappeared.

watch...that'll be next, when they have the time to begin nitpicking undesirables' families and associates. actually, it might be a good thing and light a fire under everyone's asses, get them out in the streets: those online, from behind their fucking keyboards and the rest of US just out there indefitely.

Anonymous said...


/rimone xxx

Kathleen said...

The good Germans were the first to be rounded up and exterminated.

Bye, bye, opposition.

Guess who'll go first here?

It damned well better be Busholini and Darth.

lukery said...

i'd have to think that us foreigners are likely to go first. WE"RE SKARY!

rimone said...

yep, but the brownish blackish ones are even scarier. morons.

hold me, Daddy, i'm a-skeered, lol.

Kathleen said...

We big-mouthed ones would be first, regardless of color.

rimone said...

lol, WHAT KATHLEEN SAID!!!!! *all shouty*