Friday, November 10, 2006


* atrios:
"It's so weird when Democrats hold a press conference and they actually put it on the teevee."
* clemons:
"The President's and new Speaker's comments before the press started at 1:04 pm today and concluded at 1:08 pm.

At 1:22 pm, the White House sent John Bolton's controversial nomination to serve as US Ambassador to the United Nations back up to the Senate.

Luckily, Lincoln Chafee would have none of it -- suggesting that such a nomination is clearly not in the spirit of what happened electorally in this country this week. By 2:15 pm, Chafee put an end to the Bolton confirmation process by fomalizing his previous "informal" opposition to Bolton in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

My question is despite President Bush's calls for principled bipartisanship and his replacement of Donald Rumsfeld with Robert Gates, how bipartisan is continuing to push John Bolton -- whose strident pugnaciousness undermines America's interests?

This doesn't sound like the kind of confidence building step from the White House Speaker Pelosi hoped for.

Did President Bush tell the Speaker that he was sending the Bolton nomination back to the Senate? If not, wasn't that a bit rude to mug her moments after she left his office?"

* miguel:
"Sad news. The man who first introduced most of America to Sibel Edmonds, Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes, has just passed away of leukemia."
You can see Ed in the trailer for KTM. I'm not sure if the full 60 Minutes interview is available online - anyone?


Miguel said...

Unfortunately, I think you have to order individual segments of 60 Minutes from CBS, for a fee of course.

lukery said...

i found it

calipendence said...


If you want an original VHS tape dub to DVD, I can get you that as I have one from CBS. I also have the speech that Sibel gave right before her Supreme Court case was unceremoniously dismissed, that was on CSPAN along when the ACLU was previewing SCOTUS cases.