Tuesday, November 07, 2006

breathing in both directions again

* Don points to this from the DarkWraith. DW is talking about/to one of his students who happens to be a grunt (in the US):
He's a mortar guy, and he's something of a rising star, despite his desire not to be. He doesn't want to make the Army his career, but all indications are that he's being moved up the line, with "First Sergeant" written all over their plans for him.

"Training on mortars at the base?"

"Naw, civil defense," he grunted absently.

I figured that meant he and his unit were being prepped for redeployment back to Iraq; then he added, "Homeland Security bullshit... just the usual riot control training."

* K-Lo:
"pa ground report [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

One Santorum volunteer I know reports knocking on 3oo doors in south central Penn. today, hearing most often: "These polls are absurd! I'm ready to show those media people how wrong they are!""
i suspect that was only the repeatable 'most-often-heard' comment.

* meanwhile, everyone else over at The Corner is talking about their fave funniest movies. gallows humour? meanwhile, to paraphrase LeeB from a different context, i'm looking forward to breathing in both directions again.


Don said...

The scary part of DW's post relating his exchange is that regular army troops are training for homeland riot control, on at least one base in the US, in the weekend immediately prior to what everyone agrees will be an extremely contentious election that could decide the direction the American democratic experiment will go: on forward or into the toilet.

Posse comitatus is dead, the Military Commissions Act is in force, and the definition of 'enemy combatant' is at the whim of an morally and mentally devoid moron and his merry band of sociopaths.

Don said...

Also from DW, more fun in possible elections gaming from your friendly neighbourhood GOP: 'supplemental' training for Republican elections workers beyond what the elections boards provide. He includes the caveat that this is at present an allegation but expects documentation tomorrow (Tuesday).

Anyone else hear of anything like this in their states?

lukery said...

Anyone else hear of anything like this in their states?

there's lots of that in my State of Panic.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I told Janet about that. She said she doesn't believe a stolen election would be enough to elicit open rebellion. But, if people couldn't get fuel, food or their social security checks, there could be real trouble. This becomes significant when you consider how commodities market analysts might respond to an attack on Iran. I'm not so sure myself. I think I'm more aware than she that the mood has grown downright ugly in the last year.