Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Strike Force

brad has gone with the 'Strike Force' nomenclature. Good choice!
(btw - I've finally added the new GSF map. thnx LeeB)



Landmark Broadcast to be Co-Hosted by Radio Host Peter B. Collins
and Election Integrity Advocate/Journalist Brad Friedman

Multiple Air Affiliates, Networks, Internet Outlets Invited to Carry Broadcast for Free!

Historic coverage of both election problems and the "horse race" to begin
on Election Day at 3pm PT (6pm ET) and continuing through
Midnight PT
or as events on the ground warrant)

Peter B. Collins (host of the syndicated Peter B. Collins radio show) and Brad Friedman (radio personality, investigative journalist and election integrity advocate at BradBlog.com and founder of VelvetRevolution.us) are pleased to announce five new air affiliates who will be joining all or part of their groundbreaking coast-to-coast Election Night Marathon coverage.

New air affiliates include: In California, KRXA/540 Monterey, KGOE/1480 Eureka, KSAC/1240 Sacramento as well as KUDO/1080 in Anchorage, Alaska and WBCR/97.7FM in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Internet sites who will be streaming the broadcast include: WhiteRoseSociety.org, KPFTX.org and HeadOnRadioNetwork.com.

Late this afternoon, Internet news organization RawStory.com has joined the effort to make the broadcast a RAW RADIO Special Event!

The Jones Radio satellite network and several streaming internet outlets will carry the joint broadcast with Collins in San Francisco and Friedman in Los Angeles, supported by election integrity organization VelvetRevolution.us.

Coverage will focus on expected issues with new voting systems and other electoral concerns, in addition to following the results and the "horse race".

Friedman and Collins' have focused extensively in the past several years on issues of election integrity and the massive trouble expected at polling places with new, untested electronic voting systems deployed across the country this year for the first time in many places.


The co-hosts will be working carrying live reports and breaking news from the field as reported by the nation's foremost experts on Election Integrity, as well as politicians, newsmakers and bloggers.

Beginning during Collins' regular daily broadcast on Tuesday (starting 3pm PT, 6pm ET), the special LIVE programming will continue throughout the night until Midnight PT (3am ET), or as events warrant, and will also feature live cross-over simulcasts with other Election Night programming as both Friedman and Collins will be interviewed on other networks throughout the night as well. Collins' will be working out of his San Rafael, CA studios and Friedman will be broadcasting from Los Angeles.

Links to affiliates and online streaming coverage will be available tomorrow at www.VelvetRevolution.us

For more detail, please see Velvet Revolution.us' Election Protection Strike Force page at: http://VelvetRevolution.us/ElectionStrikeForce or the Peter B. Collins Radio Show website at: http://www.PeterBCollins.com


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