Tuesday, November 07, 2006

everybody shares the same prejudices

* jpod reviews Borat:
"When Cohen created Borat, he took this brilliant concept to a new level. For while Ali G is just a well-meaning idiot, Borat is something else entirely. He's cheerful, friendly, and outgoing. He is also a crazed anti-Semite, racist, and misogynist--not because he's chosen to be these things but because everybody he has ever known shares the same prejudices. When Borat interacts with Americans, he presumes they believe what he believes. "
funny about that.

* in a classic moment of subversity, the beeb is running screen text on the election: 'the two main parties are vying for control of congress'

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Kathleen said...

Oy, his accent drives me nuts, then his attitude, then his stoooopid bikini.