Thursday, November 02, 2006

Get active. Suppress the vote.

This via email from LeeB:
The Republican get out the vote effort depends on volunteers to make phone calls for them. Becoming a volunteer is easy. All you do is go here:

Once you get there, it is easy to sign up. So easy, in fact, that hypothetically you could enter bogus information from a swing district, say, somewhere in the state of Missouri, Tennesee, or Virginia. Then, the website will give you the names and telephone numbers of 20 people in that district to call, with a little form for you to indicate whether or not you reached them, and to tell Karl Rove what happened.

Hypothetically, instead of calling all the people, you could instead simply fill out their little form, indicating that you called all the people, but that they couldn't be reached because they were, say, all dead.

Yeah. That's the ticket. They croaked.

Then, I presume, those folks would get crossed off the GOP's little list, and would never get called by the GOP reminding them to vote.

Alternatively, still purely hypothetically, you could actually call them, but use your own script. For example, you could say:

Hi, I'm Congressman Mark Foley, and I'm calling to remind you that your vote for the GOP this coming Tuesday will allow pedophiles like me to continue to groom high school boys for hot anal sex in my Congressional Offices.

Too graphic for you? You could try this:

Please remember to vote this Tuesday. If you don't vote for the Republicans, our soldiers might have to come home from Iraq instead of dying in that God forsaken hell hole.

Still not your style? Try this:

Everytime you vote Republican, the baby Jesus cries.

Don't like that one either? That's OK. You get the idea. Be creative.

One last thought. The forgoing was strictly for entertainment purposes. I really have no idea if any of this is legal. If you find that out that it violates Bush's Making American's Safer by Suspending Habeus Corpus or the Protecting Our Borders by Torturing American Citizens Act or something, don't send me a postcard from Gitmo. You are on your own.
Dammit. I didn't think of that. I bet Karl Rove already did. Bastard.

Dont be sorry. Get even.


rimone said...

Dont be sorry. Get even.

damn fuckin' straight. excellent idea, actually. fuck 'em up as they did to US; i mean, they started all this shit.

Anonymous said...

God knows the desires of your hearts. Good will always prevail over evil.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that voter suppression thing is sure make the rounds on the internet.

I'm sorry but that just pisses me off!!!!!

NO ONE has the right to suppress someone's vote - not if you REALLY walk the talk on being pro-Democracy.

Let the Republicans be the authoritarians/fascists. Not us. If that is what it takes to win (which isn't true, btw) then I don't want to win.

- Jiminy Cricket

Kathleen said...

Hmmmmmm, I'm thinking. Wasn't it The Barrr who said "Don't get mad, get even."?

God seems to have been on a sabatical since Nov, 2000

lukery said...

jiminy - point taken. although i don't see it as any different to an attack ad (except the 'dead' thing)

LeeB said...

Time out, people!

The piece is a bit of a put-on from The Daily Brew to give y'all a bit of insight into one of the ways the thugs work their tails off to suppress the vote. They do it every election.

In addition to the voter purge in Florida, 2000, for instance, they told some voters by letters or flyers left at residences or on cars that if they had any outstanding debts for utilities, child support, or unpaid traffic tickets, they would be arrested if they tried to vote. They are still doing that. (. . . and some 90,000+ qualified voters bounced from the rolls that year have still NOT been reinstated.)

They moved some polling places without telling anyone.

They assigned uniformed law enforcement officers to just 'hang out' in certain neighborhoods near polling places to discourage people from showing up.

They called known Democrats to tell them that due to the expected crowds the Republicans were being asked to show up to vote on Tuesday, the Dems to show up on Wednesday.

They did similar things in several other states.

They throw out registration forms from people who check off 'Dem' for their party.

By some accounts in mid-December 2000, there were some 60+ felonies identified in Florida alone that were used to skew the election.

The list goes on and on. People need to wise up and get active. Are you doorbelling or phone banking between now and the election? If not, why not?

The fix is in - but we knew that already. The question now is what are WE going to do about it.

That said, the idea of turning the tables on the thugs and giving KKKarl a royal migraine is extremely entertaining. ;-)

rimone said...

Jiminy, for once, i don't agree w/you and i'm sorry for that (sorry for myself, my soul and my karma or whatever). but i truly believe we're fucked unless we fight fire w/fire.