Thursday, November 16, 2006

get ya war on

ha ha ha * 6. get ya war on. click so you can read em.

thnx rimone.


damien said...

30,000 kids die every day from hunger and preventable disease. We should all feel so proud:

At the Food and Agriculture Organisation' s (FAO) World Food Summit in November 1996, Fidel Castro railed against the rich countries of the world, which spent more than $700 billion a year on weapons and not enough on satisfying people's need for food. He called the Summit's commitments to halve world hunger to 400m by 2015 "shameful... if only for their modesty" in that they still accepted hunger in a world of plenty. In June 2002, his spokesperson, the Cuban Foreign Minister, Sr. D. Felipe PĂ©rez Roque, at the World Food Summit: five years' later said: "That there are, today, still 815m hungry people in the world is truly a crime. That the proposals we made nearly six years ago are now even further from being achieved is [even more] shameful."

There has indeed been no progress in reducing hunger, except perhaps in China. Worse, in Rome, in May 2002, 20 leaders of the world's most powerful countries met at the NATO-Russia summit and agreed effectively to sustain the now $800 billion a year global armaments industry, with no reference to the need to balance this with increased resources for the poor and hungry.

Five and a half weeks after the NATO summit all but one of these leaders boycotted the World Food Summit
: five years' later held at FAO's headquarters in Rome, condemning the world's hungry to further misery and offering no long-term solutions to the causes underlying the famine currently affecting 20m people in Africa. And the one leader who came, Italy's Premier, Silvio Berlusconi, as Chair of the Conference he terminated the final session two hours early so he could watch the football! (link)

Kill all the arms merchants, I say! Kill 'em all!

lukery said...

tis a sad indictment