Thursday, November 16, 2006

outing tommy thompson?

* warroom:
"From the Meaningless but Mildly Interesting Polling Department comes a Hotline/Diageo poll on how registered voters view potential 2008 match-ups: John McCain beats Hillary Clinton, 45 percent to 40 percent; McCain beats Barack Obama, 39-35 percent; and McCain beats John Edwards, 40-27 percent. But in a sign that Democratic progress may not stop with 2006 -- assuming the Democrats can find and field the right candidate -- a generic Democratic candidate beats a generic Republican candidate, 40-27."

* guardian:
"Abuses carried out under the CIA's secret programme of extraordinary rendition are to be investigated by one of the Senate's most powerful committees, it emerged today.

The new chairman of the Senate armed services committee, the Democratic senator Carl Levin, revealed that he was "not comfortable" with the rendition system and said it was making the US less secure.

The extra-judicial programme has seen untried criminal suspects rounded up by CIA operatives in more than a dozen countries and sent to third states for interrogation. Some captives have allegedly been snatched off the streets and suffered torture in detention.

Asked whether he would investigate the renditions programme, including the secret prisons and missing detainees, Mr Levin replied: "Yes. Yes, yes and yes.""

* Athenae:
"Democrats will never win the Hate Olympics with these people, and those who continue to counsel we should even play obviously haven't turned on the TV in a week, because there's plenty of people out there who aren't looking for the candidate who can be as contrary as possible to the party to which he belongs, in defiance of all sense and in such a way that it harms his or her constituents. There's plenty of people in Kentucky, in Indiana, in Idaho, in Virginia, who are looking for Democrats who support equality, fundamental rights and equal protection under the law. There's plenty of Democratic voters in Montana, Nevada, Colorado for you to be friends with, so go talk to them instead, you'll spend a lot less time apologizing for your very existence.

(And not for nothing, but the people who already voted for you in Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont are getting really fucking sick of being told you'd rather sit over there at the Asshole Table than hang out with the people who've supported you all along.)"

* mediamatters: CNN's Beck to first-ever Muslim congressman:
"[W]hat I feel like saying is, 'Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies' "

* is aravosis outing tommy thompson?

rimone fails on most criteria - being the all-knowing authoritarian type (at least at her place). apparently she's started listening to leonard cohen for some reason... (perhaps her A3 collection got all worn out)


rimone said...

actually, i'm not a host; if i was, i'd enable comments---i was posting for the benefit of those forums in which i'm a mod/admin.

the Leonard Cohen thing was my head's musical response to some bad news from Rock, which thankfully is over. but i do love Natural Born Killers and they use loads of LC's album 'the future' in that film.

my A3 collection shall NEVER get worn out, neither the meatspace CDs or them all in my i-tunes. nyah.

ps, been dying to upload some LC for ages but i heard that his longtime accountant fucked him out of most of his money and disappeared. so i won't give it away. just sayin'.

listen to 'democracy' and tell me it doesn't reflect the last six years of hell thanks to bu$hCo.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

The renovation of Janet's house continues. After today the entire floor will have been replaced. When we get done, almost the whole interior will have been painted. I have been incredibly lazy and stupid, but I do really good work.

I've been trying to read your site more, Rimone, and download the tunes. They're great. My time is dominated by this house restoration still, however. My dad's in the hospital with a urinary tract problem.

As for Glenn Beck, I discovered this Rush, Jr. just the other day. He stated that to adopt the democrats' "cut and run" policy rather than to put more troops in Iraq would mean your children will go through life with a prayer mat. I found that assessment so offensive I wrote to CNN and asked how they could stoop so low. Go to his CNN web section and read his bio. He always was the stupid person he is today and is woefully uneducated.

Unfortunately, these ignorant, hating loudmouths aren't going away. I've just become aware of a new law in my town, the cat leash law. Talk about ignorant. We moved here in 1961 and I've seen a great many stupid things come out of Edmond's leadership; in fact, I've seen nothing but stupid things from them. This won't go unchallenged by us. We're trying to figure out how to go about it.

rimone said...

Uranus, i sent your cat leash link out to like all the catlovers i know--horrible, really.

I've been trying to read your site more, Rimone, and download the tunes. They're great.

um...does this mean you're an Alabama 3 fan? (she asked hopefully). i converted my tai ji instructor last night/this morning, he was totally flipped out. btw, once again, if you go to and listen to 'converted' (the one off 'exile on coldharbour lane') it's Richard Pryor at the beginning going 'shoot me--shoot me, motherfucker.' :-)

My time is dominated by this house restoration still, however. My dad's in the hospital with a urinary tract problem.

the best of luck and health to your dad and i hope you achieve your goals w/the house.

rimone said...

wrong link: i meant


«—U®Anu§—» said...

Alabama 3 is really good. It's been a terrible week. Janet and I were providing care to a neighbor's cat with a life-threatening infection and thyroid condition. Some guys working at her house left a window open and the cat escaped. So, we lost my neighbor's beloved pet. He hasn't returned and faces a horrible death. My dad's 81 and bleeding from the prostate, and can't urinate without assistance from a nurse and catheter. He thinks it's going to get better, but I'm afraid he's in real trouble. I need to finish my work on Janet's house before the weekend ends, and I don't know if I can make it. So, things remain far too busy here. I'll be back around one of these days. Keep up the good work and if you know any good prayers, say 'em.

rimone said...

uranus: shit shit shit, i'll mail you asap in the morning, i'm still kinda out of it from the weekend. best of luck to your dad. the kitty story killed me.

lukery said...

hang in there uranus