Sunday, November 05, 2006

happy birthday, mr rimone.

* thanks to emptywheel and rimone, i now get hits to this post from people googling "fuck me heels"

and i mention it because today Rimone wrote:
"thank you, Luke but please get offa yer knees, LOL or i just might take it the wrong way, and you so wouldn’t dig that. um, would you prefer my shit-kicking steel-toed parachute boots or the pointy stiletto heels? "
which is really just a roundabout way of me saying, again, go read rimone's posthumous "happy birthday, Daddy" love/birthday letter. apparently, it made some people cry or something.

happy birthday, mr rimone. and thanks.


rimone said...

'mr rimone'! he'd be laughing his ass off at that... *sigh* if only.

thanks again, Luke.

ps, since the other day, i've been getting a lot of hits from weirdass sites which i won't visit, things like and shit like that.

morons. like i'm stupid enough to even go check them out.

admit it, Luke--you love it, lol.

Kathleen said...

Rimone; What a great Dad. I'm sure he's proud of you and getting a great kick out your work, from the ethers.

rimone said...

thank you, Kathleen. your comment means a lot to me. *sigh* i left out the part at which he was so in favor of me getting a computer (when i was poor and back in Uni learning to be a special Ed. teacher; he knew what an information junkie i am).

Kathleen said...

Rimoine; Special Ed. My daughter who is a lawyer has one child who is mildly autistic, so she uses her law stuff to help parents of kids who need special ed and making sure the local schools have special ed programs that are up to State and Federal regs. We keep having these same wave-legnths, thee and meee.

rimone said...

i remember now; you once commented on your daughter helping those who need special ed. classes. you should be very proud of her (and your way astute son); i know you are.

yes, i too have noticed similarities between the both of us. i eagerly await any opportunity for us to meet in meatspace. when i know for sure when i'll be visiting NYC i won't forget to contact you and hope you're in CT then or somehow nearby.

Kathleen said...

Thanks Rimone. I'm in CT. June to Nov and sunny SoCal Nov to June. Either place would be tons of fun.

You'd get a kick out of my son. He's a wine steward in a smantzy ski resort in Tahoe and has the dubious honor of serving Arnold and Maria. Somehow it got in the gossip column that the groperator requests him, so now all the repugs ask for him when they go there. He tells them all the repugs are selfish, so they give him huge tips to prove he's wrong. During the day he publishes pro hemp greeting cards on all hemp paper. Save a tree use hemp paper.

rimone said...

bah, i don't think we'll be meeting this year, Kathleen (unless i come into some extra money). i'll be in NYC in early 2007. gah...

your son's experiences in Tahoe w/the rethugs is a scream. :-)