Monday, November 20, 2006

House of Death

"The House of Death returns
A further update on the continuing saga...

Can you believe that mainstream media is not interested in a story in which:
--an informant for Homeland Security, working "undercover" under the direct control of a Bush appointed United States Attorney, operates a macabre house of horrors in which more than a dozen people are tortured to death with the informant taking part?

--the reign of terror only ends when the murder of a DEA agent and his family is narrowly averted?

--a top DEA official starts an investigation that quickly determines that the the house of death is being operated and funded by officials of the US government?

--the DEA official is forced off the job for trying to push the investigation into the roll the Bush appointed prosecutor played in all this?

--the suspect prosecutor is PROMOTED to a high level Department of Justice position?

--the files are "vanishing?"

--memories of suspects are clouding over?
Well, whether or not mainstream media pays any attention, your EXPERT WITNESS is not letting the story disappear from New York Airwaves..."

From Bill Conroy's latest:
"The bureaucrats at the Department of Justice know something about the House of Death mass murder case that they don't want the public to discover.

And it appears they are even willing to defy federal law in order to assure that information never sees the light of day.

At least that is the concern Bill Weaver, senior advisor for the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), raises in a lawsuit he filed recently against DEA and its parent agency, DOJ.

The litigation, which Weaver says is “part of an effort by the NSWBC” to expose the truth in the House of Death, was filed under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It alleges that Washington bureaucrats are stonewalling the release of public records that promise to further illuminate the government’s role in facilitating the House of Death bloodshed.

Among the documents Weaver is seeking from the government (that the DOJ and DEA have so far refused to release) are an internal report involving more than 40 interviews conducted jointly by a team of DEA and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigators as well as a tape recording made of the first murder at the House of Death.

The murder toll at the house in Ciudad Juarez reached at least a dozen over a five-month period ending in mid-January 2004. A U.S. government informant who had penetrated a Juarez cell of the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes narco-trafficking organization, arranged, and in some cases participated in, the torture and murder sessions while he was under the supervision of ICE agents and a U.S. prosecutor in El Paso, Texas.

DOJ attorneys currently have deportation proceedings pending against that informant, Guillermo Ramirez Peyro, which if successful, would return him to Mexico and into the hands of the narco-traffickers he betrayed — setting up the informant to become yet another murder victim of the House of Death.

Weaver, in conjunction with Narco News, filed the initial Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with DEA in October 2005 seeking the release of public-record material related to the House of Death case. However, to date, Weaver claims in the lawsuit that the agency has “wrongfully withheld the requested records.”

The legal pleadings, filed in U.S. District Court in El Paso, offer a detailed, documented account of the government’s complicity in the House of Death murders. In addition, the FOIA lawsuit spells out in detail what the government is withholding from the public — as part of what appears to be a cover-up orchestrated at high levels within the federal law enforcement bureaucracy."
Sibel & Bill Weaver will be on on Monday to discuss the case further. The interview will be available on the website all week.


Kathleen said...

What on earth would we do without the Whistleblowers?

lukery said...

bless their hearts.