Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'd like to kill Michael Moore

* attaturk posted this:
Re: The Conservative Id [Jonah Goldberg]

Why, just the other day at my urinal stall, while straining to see whether Pat Buchanan really has it going on, I thought to myself: I'd like to kill Michael Moore. But then my conservative Ego stepped in and I though better of it because, Who will take care of my mother?
Posted at 8:09 AM
i figured that was kinda funny by attaturk - until i clicked the link.


calipendence said...

Attaturk is another fellow U. of Iowa grad blogster that has posted on other message boards I've been on like Iowa Underground, etc. Note that the spelling with three t's is intentional as sort of a slight towards Ataturk.

lukery said...

heh. you have some good company.

(btw - i apologise for not getting back to you re that email. the link to the ritter audio didnt work)

Kathleen said...

Will somebody stick a pin in that Bloviator Jonah Goldberg's distended ego? When the LA times repolaced robert scheer with Jonah, I said Corce e Noce with them tooo.

Kathleen said...

Wish I could type, guys. It's all Bush's fault.

lukery said...

kathleen - now that the LAT and the NYT are effectively dead, the only reliable media is GSF

Kathleen said...

You said it!!!