Saturday, November 04, 2006

kickin back

kickin back and weekendin' with lukery. in case you need some pre-fiasco serenity.
(click for larger versions)

first: look what arrived today. the next time some neocon spouts something about making omelettes and breaking eggs and whatnot - tell them baby jeebus cried, and cute fluffy things died.

the little ones like hiding under mummy's skirt - which looks kinda comfy (it also reminded me of the last photo in this post)

meanwhile, i realised that i hadn't unloaded my camera from my last two holidays - so here are two beach shots:

we have nice beaches here. perhaps you've heard.

what are you doing for pre-election sanity ?


rimone said...

the usual--smoking weed, drinking and in case of the worst, Dave's visiting me for four days from London starting next thursday--i can weep and shout an scream and he won't say boo---he's one of those Brits in his 30s who's now totally into our 'elections' such as they are. yeah, i'm proud of him as well.

teemu said...

My brand new, expensive workstation started emitting strong smell of burning plastic yesterday, no idea why. I found this old laptop, but this is rather inconvenient to use, so I'm mainly offline until tue evening. This is better for my nerves I think. :) I'll do some real work instead, like shovel aside that 10 inches of snow that appeared on my front yard last night...

What happened to Cheney quail? And if it's something sad, please make up a nice story instead. :(

lukery said...

teemu. that's terrible news about the computer, but good news that you are offline. i'm so jealous!

Cheney is in a happy place.