Saturday, November 04, 2006

tom tom friedman

* billmon:
"Long ago, I worked for the company that owns the military Times publications, although my own paper was aimed at the civilian side of the government (we called our small corner of the newsroom "the demilitarized zone.") Maybe things have changed in 20 years but I can assure you that back then the Times papers were even more mindlessly pro-military than the Pentagon itself (which is kind of like being more Catholic than the pope, but with superior firepower). If they're taking aim at the SecDef -- and timing their battery fire for maximum political effect -- it's reasonable to believe that the generals have reached a point that in many countries would be followed in short order by a military coup.

They are, in other words, right fucking pissed at Shrub for giving Rummy the presidential promise of another two years on the job.
The Dems may applaud now, but if I were them, I'd be extremely wary of the precedent. As a group, the joint chiefs are developing a taste for bureaucratic blood -- they're trying to destroy Rumsfeld just as they destroyed Les Aspin and emasculated Wesley Clark. Only now they're doing it openly (or at least semi-openly) and in the middle of an election campaign.

That's usually not a good sign for a republican government -- and I'm not talking about the political party."
* jeralyn:
"A Saudi court has sentenced the victim of a gang rape to 90 lashes because she was alone in a car with a man not her spouse.

The man she was with was not one of the rapists. She and her friend were proceeding to their car when they were kidnapped by the rapists and driven to a farm where they raped her. The court also ordered her male friend to get 90 lashes."

* everyone is excited about tom tom friedman's latest. driftglass is less than impressed:
"I'm glad you finally, falteringly woke up and caught the tail-end of the bandwagon as it was pulling out of the station, Tom, but the hour is late and at this point if you want to show genuine sincerity there is really only one course left open to you.


Stand up and tell the world that you’re horribly sorry that you were complicit in the Iraqi debacle for so long. That clearly, as of the last election, there were around 49 million Americans -- school teachers, truck drivers, waitresses, homeless vets, dog groomers, cab drivers, etc. -- who showed by their vote that they comprehend the problems of this country with vastly greater clarity and depth than you do.

Any of whom, based simply on track record and performance, should have their opinion taken more seriously than yours.

That as it is the case that no matter how much he shows last-minute contrition, someone who molests children shouldn’t be allowed near elementary schools, so it is the case that someone who has shown himself to be an aggressive, willful and serial Truth Molester cannot be allowed to write for America’s foremost newspaper.

At this 11th hour, Tom, resignation is the only honorable thing left for you to do.

Anything less and you're just another sunshine convert.

Just another Conservative con man waiting until the very, very last moment -- far after it has become far too late -- to make his lame, political deathbed confession and then flee to some sheltering“rehab” until the shitstorm you caused has blown over and it’s safe to come out and start shoveling shill again.

Just another Neocon Aqualung, lurking in the alley in your trenchcoat, black socks and press pass, waiting for darkness to fall again and prying eyes to move onto something else so you can get your grubby paws into Truth’s pants one more time."
* kos:
"The choice is now clear. Republican candidates for Congress and the Senate can either stand with our troops, or they can stand with Bush. The two are no longer compatible. Monday, an incredible rare joint editorial will run in the Army Times, the Air Force Times, and the Navy Times"
* reminder: the msm is all over the election fraud thing. including fox. next week is going to be fucking insane.


profmarcus said...

unlike billmon, i welcome the military's upset with bush and rummy... perhaps a military intervention, led by truly principled generals, devoted to the u.s. constitution, is the only thing that will save us...

rimone said...

totally agree w/Professor Marcus above.

the msm is all over the election fraud thing. including fox.

sorry but i'm feeling it's too late. they had YEARS to wake up. fuckers

next week is going to be fucking insane.

to the streets w/US all. i fear the worst.

lukery said...

rimone - the reason that i mention the election fraud/msm story is that it portends the repugs taking advantage of it, not that they have an inherent interest in it. that's what scares me.

profM - we are certainly in the zone of lesser-of-two-evils. i think that billmon was simply pointing out that evil-comes-this-way.