Tuesday, November 28, 2006

more on Susurluk (and Sibel) on friday.

i wrote Parry, he published (grrr) :
Congrats on all recent your work re Gates' nomination.

I've been re-reading some of Martin Lee's work regarding Susurluk etc - including at ConsortiumNews - and thought that perhaps you could write an article about Gates from the context that he tried to cover up the Gray Wolves' papal shooting (by pushing the Bulgarian angle) and we could maybe peel off some support from christian types.

Perhaps you could use the imminent papal trip to Turkey as a hook for the story.

In other news, there have been some new developments in the Susurluk case. Mehmet Eymur is apparently now free to travel in Turkey again despite being on the most-wanted list, Mehmet Agar is one of the front-runners for the election in 2007, and Sedat Bucak (the sole survivor at Susurluk) was recently ' convicted' - and given a one year suspended sentence.

The situation in Turkey is starting to look the US - with the return of all the Iran-Contra/Susurluk criminals. That's the problem when people don't get convicted first time around. Let's hope we start to learn that lesson, and soon!
more on
Susurluk (and Sibel) on friday.

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