Wednesday, November 29, 2006

QOTD: Who is winning the War On Terror?

* question of the day:

Who is winning the War On Terror?

a) Republicans

b) Democrats


«—U®Anu§—» said...

c) There's no such thing as the "war on terror," it's a bullshit term Cheney pulled out of his ass.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Heck, Luke, I was honestly hoping someone would argue with that by now.

The remodel of Janet's home continues. A lack of ventilation caused me to be overcome by paint fumes last week and I spent several days flat on my back. That never happened before. In life I've done far more than my share of painting, and I was sure surprised. She's attempting to add on to my list of things to do, and it may become necessary to strike--er, admonish her.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

On the other hand, maybe people were aware of this story about the "Melbourne Minutes," as I was not. I'm in the wrong occupation. Instead of trying to figure out why there is this war, I should be trying to figure out how to make my bundle from it.

lukery said...

I was honestly hoping someone would argue with that by now.
it was a trick question from me too.

sorry to hear about your health, again!

war sure is a racket. from sea to sining sea.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Thanks, Luke. We are wearing and tearing over here. I meant to return and carry on the work, but haven't been able to reach her. We've been having the loveliest spring-like weather the past few weeks, but tomorrow we get a big arctic blast, which will disrupt things a bit. I just want to finish so things can move along. As for the war, I didn't understand about being a good student of history and current events back in the 60s when I was starting to read (and America had many sensible people in Washington), but since I've sure learned how important being informed is, how shockingly uninformed far too many people are and the consequences of it. You and the good people who write here understand the self-evident value of the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Living among so many republicans, who as a group had trouble graduating from high school, it's hard to convince them that they should be curious and answers can be found in history. Mr. Aravosis put up this link to a blog post, and if you read the comments you see the stubborn insistence of right-wing trolls that being on the correct team and babbling nonsense remains their formula, their big idea.

In the past 24 hours I discovered again that being heavy handed and rotten isn't the answer to everything: my last employer, a company practicing slavery and tax evasion, appears to have vanished into thin air. I'm happy to have played a part in that; heaven knows, I did every legitimate thing I could think to do toward that goal. They had a good thing going and a chance to make big money like few people are fortunate enough to encounter. But they wanted more, and trampled the lives of thousands of innocent, modestly situated workers. So now they're gone. I suspected as much. I spotted one of their goons hanging around my house the other day.

So it goes with the neocon agenda, too. Their big plans and idiotic ideas can't survive in a civilized world.

Enzo Titolo said...

Who's winning the war on terror?

The war-mongers! And their clients. Haliburton revenues are way up. Exxon-Mobil's profits last quarter: $10.49 Billion, over 2,500 million dollars per month.

Who else? Anyone who thinks the population of young americans needs to be thinned out a bit, as well as Iraqis and whoever else is going to jump in there. What? 100,000 dead in Iraq dead?

The US debt has doubled under GB2 from 4 Trillion to 8 Trillion $$ ! I guess Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Wall Street, and London bankers are doing well, too.

rimone said...

who's winning the war on terror? WHAT WAR ON (that word) 'TERROR?'

fucking morons.

Uranus: She's attempting to add on to my list of things to do, and it may become necessary to strike--er, admonish her.

i think you should just have sex w/her and get it over w/already. but that's just my opinion, man (SHE seems to wannit).

feel better soon, dude. she's killing you in ways i wouldn't even dare to think of doing to my best friends.

lukery said...


Janet is family!

'parently y'all didnt get my joke about the TWOT.

rimone said...

the TWAT as i prefer to call it? (total war against terrra).

please stifle me from the old 'twat did you say?...'

sorry sorry sorry, lol.

rimone said...

ps, Janet is NOT blood fam--she was once married to the brother of Uranus (now /that/ sounds funny).

Uranus, correct me if i'm wrong.

lukery said...

errr - NOT blood fam - or 'not BLOOD fam' - but fam nonetheless.

rimone said...

whateverrrrrr...i've heard/met 'worse' (e.g., cousins) who were happily w/each other.

Anonymous said...

Who's winning the war on terror?

The war on terror is really the war for the oil fields - it just so happens that there are numerous cultures and religions that we do not understand and care for that stand in the way!

Regards Simon dumville