Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Remember Stephen Heller?

* sy hersh was on DemNow discussing his new article re Iran. He also discusses Gates (unfortunately that part of the transcript is up) - saying that if the elections went ok for the GOP (eg a thinnish loss in the House and kept the Senate) - then Rumsfeld would still be SecDef. (approx 18 mins.) Hersh also notes that Baker/Scowcroft/Gates etc are supposed to be a block against Cheney. Hersh isn't confident they can effectively stand up to Cheney. Hersh also says that half of his sources think that there will be a new war against Iran.

* RawStory:
"A U.S. district court judge has ordered the FBI to correct disclosures regarding the US government's evacuation of Saudi royals and bin Laden family members after the September 11 attacks in 2001, a conservative watchdog organization announced today."

* cannon:
"Remember Stephen Heller?

He's the guy who worked for Jones-Day, the attorneys for Diebold. In the course of his duties, Heller uncovered documents indicating that Diebold had installed uncertified machinery and software in California. Heller went public with this find.

Our society ought to give a medal to guys with that sort of public spirit. Instead, Heller was sued for revealing privileged documents. Even though those documents provided evidence of a conspiracy to break the law, Heller was finally forced to plead guilty pursuant to a plea bargain.

More at Bradblog."
* simon:
"That's what pissed them (Saudis) off most of all. They didn't hate American freedoms in America. They hated American freedoms in Saudi Arabia, which ran completely contrary to the idea of their own chosen world of freedom."

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