Wednesday, November 08, 2006

* rudepundit:
"Shit, if Karl Rove's got any mojo left at all, the easiest thing would be not to hack a ton of machines to make the numbers go Busherific. No, no, the easy way would be to hack one machine, in, say, Virginia and make it jack up the Democratic votes as a way of discrediting and de-legitimizing the entire process around the country. Then, oh, how the cries will go out about black box voting and paper trails and, hey, Chief Justice Roberts, shouldn't we just shitcan the whole damn thing? There would be a manufactured uproar among conservatives not unlike the mad braying of charging hippos."

* tpm:
"In the 3 closely watched House races in Connecticut, Republicans Simmons and Shays hold early leads along with Democrat Murphy. Still very early."

* i wonder how rove's vaunted 72-minute machine is going...

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