Friday, November 24, 2006

this might not end well. for anyone.

Mizgin in the comments:
"Kurds in South Kurdistan (N. Iraq) are Kurds in South Kurdistan. Kurds in North Kurdistan (SE Turkey) are Kurds in North Kurdistan. Kurds in East Kurdistan (W. Iran) are Kurds in East Kurdistan. Kurds in West Kurdistan (N. Syria) are Kurds in West Kurdistan. Kurdistan, was just Kurdistan, before the West and its imperialism came along and cut it up into pieces.

KDP/PUK is not going to go into East Kurdistan and do anything, nor will they go into North Kurdistan. They have always only looked to protect South Kurdistan, specifically their own interests there. Rojavayî Kurds (West Kurdistan) are most likely split between loyalties to PKK, which has had a LOT of support from the Rojavayî, and KDP, which has recently made inroads there.

There are some 20 million Kurds in North Kurdistan, the single largest population of Kurds in the world. We are not giving up our land and we have never had "expansionist" goals. We want what has been stolen from us by others--our land and our freedom. As PKK has stated, if that can be done within the current borders, we accept it.

However, read the Turkish constitution and learn Turkish history. Or read this from KurdishMedia. I know for a fact the author, a Ba?ûrî (Southern) Kurd, is no PKK supporter:

Turkey is against a Kurdish political entity in Iraq because Turkey has denied Turkey‘s Kurds from the most basic ethnic and human rights and despite all the EU noise, according to the Turkish constitution, Kurds do not exist in Turkey. To put it simply: don’t allow Kurds to be free because Kurds in Turkey may also demand freedom.

The Turkish state is founded on the idea that Kurds do not exist. "Mountain Turks" must be assimilated, forcibly if necessary, or genocided, in order to ensure the "purity" of the superior Turkish ethnicity and culture. If one single Kurd exists anywhere on the planet, that one single Kurd will prove the lie that is the Turkish Republic's founding ideology. We will never accept to be Turks. Never. And it doesn't matter how many promises the US makes to anyone. We will NEVER accept it. THEY must accept that we exist and THEY must stop the genocide and treat us a full and equal citizens.

In 2003, on a trip to the US, Erdogan stated that Turkey would not accept an independent Kurdistan if it existed in Argentina. He lied. He will not accept the existence of ANY Kurd. That is the official policy of the Ankara regime.

Did the Israelis covertly support Kurds? Yes, in the 60s and 70s they "covertly" gave support to the Ba?ûrî (Southern) Kurds, so covertly, in fact that we all know about it. Recently? Apparently, recently, Israeli companies were hired by the Ba?ûrî to train them in counterterrorism, which would not be unusual given the "covert" history. Have the Israelis ever "covertly" supported the Bakûrî? Never. In fact, they are complicit in the crimes of the US and Turkish governments against the Kurdish people because they have also remained silent about Turkey's brutality and they assisted the international community in the capture of Apo in order to prevent Turkey's crimes from being brought to any international court.

Why is the only important thing that which BENEFITS only the US and Turkish governments? Why does no one ask Kurds what we want? Do you bother to ask Palestinians what they want, or do you run on the assumption of attaining only that which BENEFITS the US and Israeli governments?

This is what Hersh is doing. He has never spoken to a Kurd. He has never spoken to PKK (PJAK is PKK). He has never soiled himself, so to speak, by speaking to Kurds; he relies on non-Kurds for his sources about Kurds.

Let no one be deceived. We will not simply "acquiesce" (as Tony Blair's government recently insisted) in what "superior" cultures want to enforce on us for their own interests."
this might not end well. for anyone.

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Mizgîn said...

From The Daily Star quoting Cemil Bayik:

"American authorities want to have contact with PJAK, and as a matter of fact they do have contact with PJAK," Bayik said in an exclusive interview at his headquarters deep in Iraq's remote Qandil Mountains on the Iranian border.

"But to say that the United States is supporting the PJAK is not right," he added. "PJAK is until now continuing their struggle just with the support of the Kurdish people and the PKK."

[ . . . ]

"If the US is interested in PJAK, then it has to be interested in the PKK as well," Bayik said. "The PKK is the one who formed PJAK, who established PJAK and supports PJAK."