Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dear Fellow Peace Makers

From kathleen


Dec. 13, 2006

Dear Fellow Peace Makers,

Plese give the following Appeal to Congress from Lt. Watada's father, Robert Y. Watada, your serious consideration and support.


Support the Watada family request for Congressional hearings to help American servicemen and women and their families understand the complex Constitutional issues and legal questione raised by Lt. Watada's case.

In addition to being sent into harm;'s way, our Military are being put in legal jeopardy for committing war crimes for participating in an improperly declared war against a nation without just cause, or of being dishonorably discharged and convicted and imprisoned for disobeying orders.

Our servicemen and women and their familes deserve clarification of their rights and duties in time of an undeclared war and of their Oath of Service as it pertains to defending the Constitution against domestic enemies who circumvented the Constitution to take our nation to war.

Please join the request for Congressional Hearings by signing this petition at http://www.ipetitionscom/petition/watada/

Please call Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and ask for Congressional Hearings to help all Americans understand these issues.

Senator Reid Congresswoman Pelosi
Ph. 202-224-3542 Ph. 202-225-4965
FX. 202-224-7327 FX. 202-225-8259

Please print out a copy of Robert Watada's Appeal to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.and send it to your own Senators and Congressperson, requesting hearings. [One page, PDF: http://tinyurl.com/ulglx ]

Please write a Letter to the Editor of your local papers in support of the concept of holding Congressional hearings on the issue of rights and duties of our servicemen and women in time of undeclared war.

Thank you,

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