Wednesday, December 13, 2006

a war for the sake of being able to say we haven’t lost

* henley:
"But it’s past time to put away the fantasy that there is a victory worthy of the name to be salvaged in Iraq. The war entered its baroque phase years ago; now it is merely rococo, a dead tradition animated by inertia, the old beliefs and methods endlessly embroidered around the edges. It’s a war for the sake of being able to say we haven’t lost, which is not even the same thing as a war for the sake of not losing. Such a war is corrupt, decadent and, in the sense Senator Gordon meant the word, “may even be criminal.”"
* josh:
"It's worth stepping back for a moment and realizing that if we weren't the ones who had started this (Iraq War) a lot of us would be calling for the US to intervene to prevent what looks to be coming down the pike. But, as I said, we're not available.

It's an irony I suspect some folks will be mulling in hell, or at least in limbo, for quite a long time."
'parently irony isn't dead. phew.

* amy:
"British Officials Stop Using Phrase "War on Terror"
In Britain, the Observer newspaper reports that cabinet ministers have been told by the Foreign Office to stop using the phrase 'war on terror.' The British government said it wanted to avoid using language that could be counter-productive. The White House coined the phrase shortly after the 9/11 attacks but many British officials now feel the term has inflamed opinions worldwide."
wow. we are making some progress.

* amy:
Kucinich to Run For President; Calls For End to Iraq War Funding
Congressman Dennis Kucinich is planning to announce today that he will run again for president. The Ohio Democrat accused the leadership of his party of not pushing hard enough to end the Iraq war.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "Our president does not seem to understand the necessity to get out of Iraq. Thus it is imperative Congress do the one thing the constitution of the United States provides for. Congress must cut off future war funds and demand the president use current funds in the pipeline from the October 1st $70 billion dollar appropriation -- to bring the troops home."
Dennis Kucinich spoke on Monday at a hearing featuring the authors of the recent Lancet study that found as many as 660,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed during the war in Iraq.
hmmm - not 'as many as 660,000' - but it's a start.


Don said...

wow. we are making some progress.

That or someone realized that if we're gonna call Muslims purveyors of terror, it should also apply to anyone else engendering fear to exert pressure, particularly the bright soul at the Kremlin sending out dime bags of Po-210. If that doesn't come under the heading of 'terror acts', if not nuclear terror, we aren't making as much progress as we'd like.

lukery said...

good point. larisa actually calls it an act of war.