Sunday, December 17, 2006

emptywheel edition

* emptywheel:
"Look, I know these guys are absolutely nuts and intellectually embarrassing to boot. But this is AEI, Dick's favorite intellectual playground. They may be lying to themselves. But they usually get Dick to replicate precisely the lies they tell him."

* emptywheel:
"Good thing we've got the Berlusconi government intelligence, huh, to tell us about international laws? When we need to take lessons from a guy like Berlusconi, we have fallen low indeed. And note the deal--the Italians would have gotten their guy. But they couldn't extradite him. All off the books. Just disappear him, without any legal proceedings.

All set up to carry organized disappearances. With no need for action."

* emptywheel:
"So that's the backstory to this googly sanctions thing--a laptop with dodgy provenance that the Administration likes to roll out every time the UN or IAEA challenges US assertions that Iran has a real nuclear program.

Are you beginning to wonder the real reason why the CIA didn't want to turn over their intelligence on this? At worst, it's all a bunch of BS. At best, it's all from the MEK, which strongly suggests it's a bunch of BS (and as soon as the UNSC learned it was from the MEK, they would laugh us out of the room)."

hmmm. emptywheel sure is, ahem, on a roll.

it's great to have her back.

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