Sunday, December 17, 2006

I'm so glad I'm not Richard Blumenthal.

This email from Kathleen after I posted the anthrax article in the Connecticut Law Tribune:
Well, the Connecticut Law Tribune. I was in that back in 1989, when I survived a Motion for Summary Judgement. It made the Law Tribune because I was a Pro Se plaintiff against three Connecticut attorneys for malpractice. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, one of my very favorite Boogey Men was a junior unnamed partner in the law firm I defeated. I went on to win the law suit and have one of the very rare judgements of attorney malpractice on the books in Connecticut. Andersen vs, Koizim, Tirola and Silverberg, for law junkies.

I've gone on to do regular battle with Blumenthal on behalf; of Connecticut's Indian Tribes. Won some, lost some and he's ahead at the moment, but we';re not done yet, especially with the Abramhoff, Gale Norton greasy palms and dirty tricks in the story. We were ahead of the game till Busholini took over in 2000 and appointed a numbert of crooks to the Department of Interior.
I'm so glad I'm not Richard Blumenthal.

(kathleen rocks)


oldschool said...

Hey Kathleen: Wanna join a now three-week old law practice in Indianapolis?

Good reputation, never lost a jury, fun to hang out with - but I can't pay for shit?

never mind; I just read my last line.

rimone said...

lol, oldschool. i wanna be the dude who goes out and beats the shit outta non-paying clients a la Tony Soprano. keep me in mind, ok?

oh're one of the good guys. never mind.

Kathleen said...


Are you having fun with your new law practice? I figured out its part street theater. Is it cold in Indianapolis?

oldschool said...

I figured out it'd part street theater

It's ALL theater. That's probably why I've never lost a jury. To channel Jon Lovitz - "I'm an Actor"! You size up the jury pool, and act accordingly. I pioneered the good-ole-boy lawyer - until Greg Garrison stole it and convicted Mike Tyson...

That one still pisses me off - they had a guy sitting as local counsel (Jim Voyles) who could have won that trial without breaking a sweat - *I* could have won it without breaking a sweat.

It took a very special 'talent' indeed, to lose that trial.

Word was around the City-County Bldg, on Day 2, that the jury was *hating* Tyson's federal-based, rostrum-hugging, attorneys. The implication being, obviously, that he was fucked.

It's a lot easier to lose a trial than it is to win one.

Tyson's people lost when they walked in the door.

Kathleen said...

Oldschool: It's a lot easier to lose a trial than to win one??? I'll say. When my kids keep me updated on my imperfections, I remind them it's a lot easier to be wrong than to be right. That's my big kernel of wisdom in life. It reduces the pressure.