Saturday, December 09, 2006

the forward-leaning, moderate Washington position

* Arkin:
"In the past couple of weeks, dialogue with Iran and Syria to help solve the Iraqi problem has become the forward-leaning, moderate Washington position. Even secretary of defense nominee Bob Gates supports this talk to the enemy option.

But is it relevant? Iraqi leaders unanimously reject this option: They are not interested in having Iran or Syria involved or in having an "international conference" save the day?"

* josh:
"Think how much might have been different if Congress had exercised any meaningful ..."
* tpmm is covering the release of the Foley report.

* tpmm says goodbye to the 109th Congress.

* amy:
"Group: Iraq Refugee Crisis Could Surpass Darfur
Meanwhile in Iraq, the refugee crisis is growing by the day. On Thursday, the group Refugees International warned the situation is so bad Iraq’s refugee crisis could soon overtake the numbers seen in Darfur. The UN estimates 100,000 people are fleeing Iraq each month. Refugees International is calling on the US and Britain to lead an international initiative to support Middle Eastern countries hosting some one point eight million Iraqi refugees. In a statement, Refugees International president Kenneth Bacon said: "The United States and its allies sparked the current chaos in Iraq, but they are doing little to ease the humanitarian crisis caused by the current exodus.""
* amy:
"Prosecutors Ask Judge to Block Padilla Attorneys From Questioning Pentagon Officials
And finally, federal prosecutors are trying to block an effort by attorneys for Jose Padilla to question Pentagon officials and obtain documents about Padilla’s treatment during his more than three years in prison. The government initially accused Padilla of plotting to set off a dirty bomb inside the United States but is now holding him on less serious charges. Padilla was held in complete isolation and wasn't allowed to see an attorney for 21 months. On Thursday, prosecutors asked a judge to prevent Padilla’s lawyers from questioning four military officials, including two who worked at the Navy brig where Padilla was jailed."

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