Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the least 'productive' blogger EVAH

i've been the least 'productive' blogger EVAH lately - maybe you noticed.

you're all prolly gonna have to get used to less voluminous output

with any luck, i'll be able to make up some of the 'quantity' shortfall with some 'quality' - you'll have to make up your own minds on that front.

the election is over. we won (something)! yay.

and sibel's latest piece is such a treasure trove - that i could probably spend the rest of the year just writing subsidiary pieces to that.

i've also got at least three interviews to do in the next couple of weeks - peter lance, adrian gatton (who wrote that great piece on Sibel & Susurluk) and richard barlow (the 80s version of sibel & valerie plame)

i'll still read other stuff every day and post and what not - but the 'quantity' is more likely to be on the scale that we've seen this past week (or even less) - rather than what you've been used to.

take it or leave it :-)

(don't forget to say 'bye' if you're saying 'bye')


Anonymous said...

luke: i've been the least 'productive' blogger EVAH lately

no, ME! *proudtard* ps, i'll still be here everyday, whether or not you think you're being productive or whatever.

Miguel said...

I'm really looking forward to these interviews, especially Barlow. Keep up the good wok!

Anonymous said...

Say bye? NEVAH.

We're not just fans,
we're devotees, man.