Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pasta Please.

* this via LeeB:
"But since the election, (Pat Leahy's) outrage has turned into inspiration, and it's an inspiration he passed on to the crowd tonight. Like the speakers before him, Leahy was funny, thankful, exuberant... but there was an edge that was very serious. He related a conversation where he was recently asked if President Bush should be "worried" that he was now to be Chair of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee. The crowd started cheering.

"No, no" he said, calming the crowd, as if to be prepared for a softening of his rhetoric.

"No, he shouldn't be worried. He should be terrified."

And the room exploded."

* kathleen:
"If you consider conservation of energy and conservation of matter, people have to make shit up to keep from boring themselves to death, ad infinitum, so to speak."
sigh. how we love kathleen.

* john dean (thnx k):
"Are Congressional Wars Coming? Since Cheney Has Already Said He'll Ignore the Democratic Congress, It Seems Likely
No wonder Dick Cheney worked so hard to prevent the Democrats from winning control of Congress, and is working so hard to push ahead now as if they never had. The DSCC-DCCC report shows that the Democratic Congress has good reason to be interested in Cheney, for he is at the center of the highly controversial activities that the Republican Congress conspicuously ignored.

For example, the report notes the following damning facts: The Republicans refused to investigate the mishandling of the intelligence leading to the war in Iraq. The GOP Congress ignored the fact that Cheney's office was involved in securing a $7 billion no-bid contract for Halliburton, which Cheney headed before becoming VP. The Republicans ignored Cheney's refusal to provide information about his energy task force, which developed policy for the Administration in secret while working with energy company executives. The Republicans refused to investigate the White House's outing of a covert CIA agent (Valerie Plame Wilson) in order to attack her husband, a critic of the Administration. And last, but very much not least, the Republican Congress has ignored the abuses (and torture) of detainees.

In short, Cheney is a key witness with respect to all these questionable - if not illegal -- activities."
* Michael Ledeen is now blogging over at Kookoo-Bananas-Media. funny. (thnx Mizgin) - here's a taste:
"You never realized Jim Baker and Lee Hamilton were auditioning to be the next Bond, did you? But that’s the scene they’re playing. They act as if they think the mullahs want, or would be willing, to reason together, but the mullahs don’t want us to be reasonable, they want us dead or dominated. And they’re pursuing their mission with the singleminded obsession that characterizes the true fanatic.
The nuclear program is not a problem all by itself, it simply adds urgency to the Iranian war, the war they have been waging against us all along, the war in which we stubbornly refuse to get engaged.

Faster, Please!"
the standard fare.


rimone said...

"No, he shouldn't be worried. He should be terrified."

And the room exploded."

:-) FINALLY! SQ (Schadenfreude Quotient) now just about 119. more please, i need my Schadenfreude fix on a daily basis to make up for the wear and tear on my head over the last six years.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

It's a good one: Ray McGovern's take on Robert Gates. Fear this, Washington crazies.