Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Peter Lance interview

hypothetically speaking, *ahem*, if you were going to interview Peter Lance, what would you ask him?


noise said...

Isn't the notion of complicity on the part of CERTAIN officials a more likely explanation (for failure to prevent the 9/11 attacks) than incompetence?

Miguel said...

Given that most people who have been calling for a further investigation of 9-11 believe in the "inside job" theory, has that made it more difficult for authors such as Lance to call into question the official narrative of 9-11 without being labelled a 'conspiracy theorist'?

Also would like to get Lance's take on Grossman meeting with head of Pakistani ISI on 9-11 and the allegations that Grossman passed off a lot of classified info to Turkey and Pakistan. If Grossman was Turkey's payroll, could al Qaeda have bought sensitive classified info from the Turks/Pakistanis that might have faciliated the attacks?