Sunday, December 17, 2006

a poetry competition, with five constraints.

* demnow:
"One day before announcing his presidential bid, Kucinich held a Congressional briefing on a topic seldom publicly discussed on Capitol Hill - the Iraqi civilian death toll.

Kucinich invited the authors of the recent study that found about 650,000 Iraqi civilians have died in Iraq since the war began. The study was published in October in the prestigious British medical journal Lancet. The Middle East scholar and University of Michigan professor Juan Cole was also invited to speak. We play excerpts of the hearing."
go listen.

* i have a post over at Larisa's about Rumsfeld, Newt & the MIC revolving door.

* larisa's having a poetry competition, with five constraints. I wanted to play, Larisa. But I couldn't reconcile 1) & 2). Until I thought of Paris.

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rimone said...

luke, you fucking KILLED me over there, LMFAO!