Sunday, December 17, 2006

Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients

Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients:
Norman Y. Mineta has served his fellow Americans as a mayor, congressman, and Cabinet Secretary under two Presidents. The longest-serving Secretary of Transportation, he worked to improve the security of our transportation system and restore our confidence in air travel after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.


William Safire has distinguished himself as one of our country's most talented writers and commentators. Using the power of prose, he has educated our citizenry, polished our language, and elevated debate on issues of the day.

Natan Sharansky was imprisoned in the gulag by the Soviet regime for his work to advance religious liberty and human rights. He remained steadfast in his defiance of tyranny and has continued to champion the principles that all people deserve to live in freedom and that the advance of liberty is critical to peace and security around the world.
add yer own snark.


oldschool said...

add yer own snark

Well, I'm sorry, but I cannot condone snark, having never put a comment on here which was other than deadly serious...

shit, it's getting harder and harder to keep a straight face.

oldschool said...

where's Rimone?

Hey Rimone: If the band's just now going into the studio, maybe they can work "oldschool" into a song title?

It only seems fair.

Or a lyric, maybe.

rimone said...

y'know, i actually came over to the comments in a serious mood (well, serious enough to laugh my ass off at oldschool's snark).

now i'm diverted (yay!). i'd love if they put 'oldschool' into a tune. but i'm waiting for 'yankstain' first (totally proud of my new word).

rock! rock! rock! lol, sorry sorry sorry, he knew i was waiting for Captain Paranoid to bring over a bunch of MorningDontMeanAnything yesterday and was txtng me ONE WORD AT A TIME, just to make me waste time running to the phone to see if it was Capt P.

Chris was in the studio w/the band the other night; he said the new album rocks its ass off (totally dif direction that 'outlaw' which was too country for ALL of our tastes).

lukery said...

just to make me waste time running to the phone to see if it was Capt P

ummm... it's a MOBILE phone right?

rimone said...

yes, luke, it's a fucking cellphone. but he knew i was in the kitchen and my damn phone's in the LR---for various reasons, i can't bring the damn thing w/me all over the flat.

back to Alabama 3's new album, somehow this next line (spoken by the Very Reverend D Wayne Love) made it into one of the mixes i heard last night:

DW: '...disturbance in Economy class...a young lady took off her Prada shoe and PUT THE HEEL STRAIGHT IN THE EYE OF THE FELLOW SITTING NEXT TO HER...'

i'm proud to say that's one of Chris and my things to dis each other w/on the unofficial board; it's obvious Rock is passing on our little quips or whatever so maybe 'oldschool' and 'yankstain' WILL be on the finished product. :-)

rimone said...

hey Luke! i think you should give me and oldschool a little partition of your site where we can discuss the band. just sayin', lol.

cos over here i can say shit i'd NEVER say on freeA3 cos it's nobody's biz over there really...we're/they're ALL totally rabid, picking apart every damn detail and rumor (and i'd get in trouble w/the band). :-)

lukery said...

i guess i should put my hand up for an appearance in the lyrics too - dontchya know lukery rhymes with pukery

oldschool said...

and oldschool rhymes with....

Oh well, crap.

fold, fool?


lukery said...

bold, cool.

rimone said...

luke: i guess i should put my hand up for an appearance in the lyrics too - dontchya know lukery rhymes with pukery

LMFAO! anyway, they're not that much into the rhyming especially when DW gets to do his commentary or whatever. i was invited to the studio on friday (and if given the chance, i'll open up my big fucking mouth).