Sunday, December 03, 2006


* btw - is there one word in particular that drives you batshit when it falls out of PreznitBlinky's mouth? my current nomination: 'speculation'

* apparently " If you prevent Rimone from getting a word in long enough, she’ll offer to do a striptease.'

* Lind:
"When American troops do leave their FOBs (bases) , it is almost always to run convoys, which is to say to provide targets; to engage in meaningless patrols, again providing targets; or to do raids, which are downright counterproductive, because they turn the people even more strongly against us, where that is possible. Doing more of any of these things would help us not at all."


rimone said...

'offer', my ass. Chris was just trying to be nice; i was jumping up and down on his bed, shouting shit out, trying to get Marianne's attention and finally, going for it. attention whore'd. Punkt, Ende.

oh, did i just say that?

ps, Chris was sure that Marianne was trying to re-establish her street cred having moved to Dublin from Brixton 10 years back, so that was her thing. and yes, we all had a VERY good time before, during and after, thanks for asking.

i'll be here all week, folks, lol.

lukery said...

you are mad.

rimone said...

thank you, sweet boy. *happy face*

but you really hadda be there, in fact i wish you were.

Kathleen said...

Is there ONE word???? Every SUNGLE Goddamned word drives me BONKERS and THEN some.


rimone said...

Kathleen, i can't even use the word 'smirk' anymore cause it makes me think of /him/ and i used to use it a LOT. pisses me off incredibly, every fucking word that he's used to catapult the propaganda and/or been overused to death to describe him, the evil lackwit tosser, he is. |-(