Sunday, January 21, 2007

50 most loathsome people

buffalobeast has the worlds 50 most loathsome people:

40. Alex Jones

Charges: A blustery schizoid moron who makes everyone near him look like an ass just for not punching him when they have the chance. False prophet of the lunatic fringe’s lunatic fringe, Jones has crafted a paranoid alternate reality incorporating every cockamamie conspiracy ever conceived, from the "murder" of Princess Di to "Atlantis was an inside job." It’s all done by the Freemasons or the Bilderbergers, or something like that; politicians and world leaders who meet and perform secret satanic rituals, as if that would be worse than the things they really do in the light of day. Question authority, kids, but question raving maniacs too. We wouldn’t be surprised if Jones actually works for the Feds as an agent provocateur to make the left look stupid. Lord knows it worked on those "Loose Change" douchebags.

Exhibit A: The ultimate proof that Jones is full of shit is that he’s still alive.
2. Richard Mellon Scaife

Charges: The patron saint of rich radical right wing fuckheads. Thanks to a massive fortune bequeathed to him by his superior ancestors and an unhinged reds-under-the-bed paranoia, hateful billionaire Scaife has deluged the worst elements of conservative opinion ghettos with cash, creating an evil empire of artifice. If you’re a malicious prig who can’t distinguish between Democrats and Stalinists or you’re just an amoral mercenary asshole, hang around long enough and Scaife will give you a million dollars. Take a whiff of any breathtakingly cynical PR shitbomb fired at a Democrat since back when the Clinton impeachment was just a gleam in his eye, and you’ll detect Scaife’s noxious aroma. If it’s a fascist think tank with a deceptively benign name or an out and out attack machine with a story about Barack Obama and a dead underaged hooker, you can bet the house that Scaife is the shadowy son of a bitch behind the operation. Since illegally financing Nixon’s campaign in 1974 ($990,000 in $3,000 checks to 330 front organizations), Scaife’s given hundreds of millions to every major bullshit factory in America—The Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the Arkansas Project, Accuracy in Media, the Media Research Center, GOPAC, the Cato Institute, the American Spectator, Newsmax and a hundred others, as well as a significant fraction of the other names on this list. More than any other individual, this black hole of integrity is responsible for the alarmingly powerful network of phony experts and coordinated liars devoted to tricking you into voting against your own self-interests in service of the richest people in the world—like Richard Mellon Scaife.


calipendence said...

This list opportunistically picks people from many sides perhaps to be "fair and balanced"? Anyway, some gross absences need to be explained:

Tom Delay ("Hot Tub" Tom missing is a crime)
Pat Robertson (assasination advocate posing as preacher)
Michele Malkin (she'll be unhappy that Ann Coulter gets her place on this list I'm sure)
Michael Savage (perhaps he's trying to hard!)
Dennis Hastert (no explanation needed HERE)
John Ashcroft (listening to his crooning does it to me!)
Alberto Gonzalez (his recent sliminess takes the cake now!)
Silvio Berlusconni (should be right up there with Mussolini in my book, who should also be there if this was about dead scum too)

I think this guy, in avoiding those above, but including folk like Madonna and Nancy Pelosi, "you", and "us", is doing as much to provoke controversy as Alex Jones has, who he critiques for that! Perhaps he should add himself to the list? :)

rimone said...

whenever i read the name a** c*****r i can't help thinking of 'anal cunt.' just sayin'.

lukery said...

c/p - it was an unusual list... kinda funny tho...

rimone... *sigh* - what are we to do withyou?

rimone said...

well? if the combat boot fits an' all, lol.

ps, c'mon--i learnt everything i know about being nasty from Iron Mommy.