Sunday, January 21, 2007

more GYWO

more GYWO. click thru to see em. (thnx rimone)


damien said...

I don't want to get into any X-files stuff as such, but did anyone recall this post from Joseph Cannon?

A nuclear attack in Chicago? Blamed on Iran? ... I can certainly relate to the idea that an Iran attack could spiral out of control and develop into WW3. These idiots are dangerous enough. They suffer from the fact that they actually believe their own spin and political assessment. They forget that there's a whole world out there. And that China and Russia cannot be relied upon to quell their masses' patriotic fervor in the face of what may be perceived to be 'national outrages' or military threat.

It's fascinating, that in an educated, Western country - like Australia, for instance - that the newspaper columns are stuffed with letters that effectively denounce 'ragheads'. There is no nuance at all. That's the kind of thinking that can't be controlled once it gets out of hand. We've seen the UK Big Brother denunciations of racism. But what if that same passion was turned around to denounce, say, a nuclear terrorist incident allegedly carried out by Iran? The world will take sides. I don't think these neocon-Israeli criminals have any idea what dangerous waters they're heading into. They 'think' they can control popular reactions. I think they're way wrong.

ESP aside, I don't believe that any US-Iran conflict would be contained. These guys just don't have any street-sense of where things can go wrong. Of course, I'd like to be completely wrong about all this. We'll see.

damien said...

...and in support of my depressive ramblings we have this.

lukery said...

D - thnx.

i'm actually still working on my interview with Barlow - and the issue of unintended consequences looms large.

the neocons are totally delusional. the concept of "controlling popular reactions" is completely fucked up. these fuckers like to remind us all the time (as a justification for their failed wars) that 'the war plan doesnt survive first contact with the enemy' - but they never, ever, remember to include that wisdom when they are planning new wars. when they've got a 'green-field' site for their new wars, they presume that everything will go according to plan.

dumb/evil fuckers.

damien said...

I think Rimone has the right idea... STAY.PERMANENTLY.STONED.

btw, DavesWeb has the best explanation of Flight 93 I've seen anywhere. (It was shot down).

rimone said...

damien: I think Rimone has the right idea... STAY.PERMANENTLY.STONED.

LMFAO! (drinking helps as well, but not as much as when i knew WTF was going on and reading news 24/7).

ps, luke, i posted four others (of the Iraqi wounded) on other forums and people went WILD (w/(more) anger).

damien said...

You're a beacon to us all Rimone. When anybody asks about your personal habits tell them you have an obligation to your fans. :)

lukery said...

damien - dave mcgowan is cool (but i havent read him for ages)

rimone - everyopne loves GYWO. as they should.

i wish i was permanently stoned.

rimone said...

damien: LMFAO! 'an obligation to my fans'.

lukery: but a lot on non-political places don't know about him.

and i wish i could just reach into my supposed 3rd eye (pineal gland as some say) and turn it on/off whenever i wanted. like 'the clapper' (dunno if they have them where you are), they show an old lady in bed, clapping her hands to turn off her lamp (this shit advert was usually shown in the run-up to xmas in the states on EVERY goddamned TV station ad nauseum).