Thursday, January 25, 2007

Congress gave him a standing ovation

* larisa:
"And there you have it...

Our President just stated in the State of the Union that Iran is next and our Congress gave him a standing ovation. The world is watching and this is what they see. For shame."

* amy:
"News Corp Enters Bid for Tribune Company
In media news, the Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corporation has entered the race for control of Tribune Company. According to the Financial Times, Murchoch has joined the bid launched by the Chandler Family, who owns a twenty-percent stake in Tribune. Sources close to the deal say Murdoch has entered the bid to seek control over the Tribune-owned Long Island newspaper Newsday. Media ownership rules would prevent News Corp from a full takeover. Tribune also owns the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune."

* wapo:
"In fact, many of the countries that Bush considers "moderate" -- such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia -- are autocratic dictatorships rated among the worst of the "not free" nations by the nonpartisan Freedom House. Their Freedom House ratings are virtually indistinguishable from Cuba, Belarus and Burma, which Bush last night listed as nations in desperate need of freedom."

* raimondo:
'The defense fired off its big guns on the first day, with Libby's lawyer, Ted Wells, rebutting Patrick J. Fitzgerald's contention that Libby had a motive to lie because the president had declared that anyone who leaked would be fired. (I note here that I'm citing not the "mainstream" media's account of the proceedings, but that of a blogger who has gained entry to the trial as a reporter, the anonymous "Emptywheel," whose reportage on the background of this case is surely one of the investigative wonders of the blogging world)"

* david corn has a good wrap-up of the day's proceedings in the trial.

* samefacts:
"The Senate Republicans have filibustered the minimum-wage increase. You've got to hand it to them: they have no compunction in blocking something that they don't like, regardless of whether someone says it is popular or not. They aren't cowed like the Democrats were over habeas corpus."

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