Thursday, January 25, 2007

How do Bush's two Svengalis -- Cheney and Rove -- get along?

* froomkin:
"If nothing else, the Libby defense hints at an answer to what I have long considered one of the great mysteries of this administration: How do Bush's two Svengalis -- Cheney and Rove -- get along? Apparently, not so great."
* larisa:
"I think I have finally figured out why Cheney, Rove, and Bush have made such a point of repeating Joe Lieberman's name over and over, to the point of absurdity and why Joey boy has been more than eager to serve his handlers: The Rove election gin plans on running this opportunist with one of their 2008 props: either the Manchurian Candidate John McCaine or with Chevron Rice - completing the circle of "where is our money?""

* athenae:
"Over the past six years, the American people, from senators on down to the most apathetic nonvoting couch-sitter, have not done a very good job grappling with the dishonesty of their leadership.

Sometimes I think it's just that the scale of dishonesty is such that we have no framework for handling it. Even in America, where questioning our leaders is an obligation of our citizenship, we want to believe that the people we placed in charge are not deceiving us.

Even after Watergate, even after Vietnam, we find it touchingly difficult to set as our default the idea that our leaders find it necessary, convenient and even easy to lie to our faces.

We want to believe the best, and so we turn away from those who accuse the president and all his men and women of conspiracy to harm the country; we call the accusers deluded, because we don't want to see."
* afp:
"The (UK's) top prosecutor has set himself at odds with Prime Minister
Tony Blair's government, saying the "war on terror" does not exist and urging restraint on laws threatening human rights."
* laura:
"Iran hysteria. The ad campaign begins in earnest."
* why did cheney appear on wolfblitzer? he normally only goes to fox. the result: disastrous.

* cannon points to this video of australians making fun of americans (or maybe it's just americans showing themselves up).


profmarcus said...

i would have to add that it isn't only about dishonesty... yes, that's hard enough to believe, but what's REALLY hard to believe are what i think are the even harder truths... bushco not only doesn't have the safety, security, and success of the u.s. at heart, the criminals at the helm are actively working to SUBVERT our safety, security, and success... as budowsky so clearly points out in the previous post, there is every reason for bushco to pursue an endless war, and, when framed in that light, this administration is successful beyond imagining..

Superteemu said...

Speaking of Iran ad campaign, you should see BBC's This World documentary "Will Israel bomb Iran?", produced by Noam Shalev and aired Oct 10. 2006. 44 mins of Israeli leaders speaking of nazi-iran / wipe-off-the-map / holocaust-II / osirak / no-alternatives / faster-please!, and one minute of Iran UN envoy denying allegations. Visuals: fighter aircraft porn and satellite images of Bushehr. I wonder if/when it airs on US. (psst, I may have it on DVD)

Re: Alterman / Hrant Dink in media: Don't know of other european countries, but here Dink murder was A1 news, and still today "a look at foreign media" section of main radio news broadcast was devoted exclusively to stories about Dink. I guess it weighs more here due to current talk of possible EU membership of Turkey.

lukery said...

thnx teemu - fp'd