Wednesday, January 24, 2007

holy moly

* digby:
"Holy Moly

Norah O'Donnell is asking Andy Card and Leon Panetta if the president is going to have to ask Dick Cheney to resign as a result of what's being alleged at the Libby Trial. (They both punted.)

If that's the beltway chatter, look for the Republican noise machine to go into high gear. I'll be expecting to hear rumors of Patrick Fitzgerald's affinity for bestiality starting tomorrow --- mostly from Mary matalin, Dick Cheney's most vicious attack dog, who will be snarling like a caged beast over this (and thus will show herself an expert on the subject.)"

* digby:
"And here I always thought the VP's office was part of the White House.

I suspect that when the history is written we will find more and more proof that Vice President Cheney has been running a shadow government from the very beginning and that much of the malfeasance of this era is a result of incompetent and competing power centers vying for supremacy. It begins to explain the unprecedented level of faulty reasoning and epic mistakes coming from the one administration.

It's kind of funny that Cheney is calling Rove incompetent in this matter. When it comes to lying and obstruction (the skills required for this cover Cheney's ass operation), Karl Rove is a consummate professional and Scooter Libby is a joke."


Miguel said...

Does Miguel's (and Kathleen's) call to impeach Cheney first look like it was good idea :-)

oldschool said...

speaking of the GOP Noise Machine:

Tucker Carlson was on the yesterday early yesterday afternoon (first day of witnesses) decrying "Irresponsible Prosecutors run Amok" (paraphrased) and the Millions(!!)(2 or 3 of them) of dollars being wasted on this case about which no one cares.

Interestingly enough, he forgot to contrast Ken Starr and the Clinton case...

I deserve a medal. I hate watching Tucker.

Kax said...

Cheney and Rove are both attack dogs.

oldschool, you do deserve a medal for watching Tucker, the little fucker.

Since when is spending money to prosecute the person/persons, who destrroyed our whole covert CIA team in Iraq and Iran, a waste? Surely it's a bigger risk to our national security than that damned blue dress.