Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I’m very ashamed, as an American citizen

* ehren watada was on demnow discussing the latest

* Zanku Armenian of the Armenian National Committee of America was on demnow discussing Dink's murder and the Armenian genocide - including:
"AMY GOODMAN: And the US -- since you’re talking to a world audience, but also a US audience -- the US government, what about its relationship with Turkey?

ZANKU ARMENIAN: The US government is complicit in this issue, as well, unfortunately, Amy. I’m very ashamed, as an American citizen, to say that, because the State Department helps Turkey and emboldens Turkey in their very aggressive Armenian genocide denial campaign. They are part and parcel of that denial campaign. For example, they did not raise the issue with Hrant Dink, you know, several times -- raise the issue of threats against him and his persecution and prosecution under the law. The State Department never did anything about it. On the Armenian genocide resolution, which has been introduced in successive congresses and is about to be introduced again in this congress, you know, the State Department is getting ready to mount very aggressive opposition with the government of Turkey against our own government here in the United States from acknowledging the facts of the Armenian genocide."

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