Friday, January 19, 2007

less self-awareness than the Washington press corpse

* digby:
'Are there any people on the planet who have less self-awareness than the Washington press corpse?"

* kathleen reardon:
"In short, Secretary Rice is the right person for the job of failing to negotiate and thereby making a war with Iran look like a last resort. But where would that leave her?

Strained relations between the President and his Secretary of State may be speculation, yet there's often truth in rigorous forms and something is not quite right in that relationship. Rice knows far too much for the President to let her go, but he seems to be putting distance between the two of them. He has given more praise and nods of approval lately to Joe Lieberman than he's given to her. John Negroponte, a powerful and experienced diplomat, is on her heels. Something is indeed amiss."
(btw - kathleen's "Courage as a Skill" is in the latest Harvard Business Review)

* jeff @ largely:
"The genius of Osama bin Laden is that he's managed to maneuver the mightiest nation in history into a downward spiral, and he's done so without an army or a navy or an air force or an economy or a diplomatic corps or any other traditional, institutional form of power. Bin Laden has so expertly disrupted our decision/action cycle that whatever action we take plays into his grand strategy."

* seattlePI:
"Less than a month before his court-martial begins, Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada turned to the public Friday, urging it to get involved in the discussion about the Iraq war.

Seven months ago, Watada made headlines when he refused to deploy to Iraq with a Fort Lewis-based Stryker Brigade, saying the war was illegal. His decision drew the attention of the anti-war movement, and eventually charges for conduct unbecoming an officer and missing a troop movement.

On Friday, Watada continued to talk, wondering about the lack of public outrage over the nearly four-year-old war.

"Could it be that ... many people don't care about the illegality of this war?" Watada asked students and others who packed a hall at Seattle Central Community College. "It is my belief that the American people have relinquished their responsibility."

He also blamed elected officials."

* jonathon has a bloggycrush on avedon.

* scott has a great interview with chris floyd. 30mins. quote:
"i hope we can get to the day when we (libs, conservatives etc) can all start arguing again - but that the life of the republic is not at stake"


oldschool said...

Why should Rice be on the wrong side of GWB?

She was ordered to let Israel fights its war for eighteen days (or whatever) and she did just that.

She has faithfully executed the foreign policy of the Bush administration (which is to say, no negotiation, with anyone, on any topic whatsoever). She's been a soldier so faithful as to make Colin Powell blush.

She was a miserable failure as Director of National Security - she's continuing quite well as a miserable failure as Secretary of State.

I suppose that it's always possible that there is a bit of a mind somewhere underneath that helmet-hair. Maybe she had an original idea somewhere along the line - and if this so, she must most obviously be smacked down - because the official foreign policy of the United States is as follows:

(doing best GWB impersonation)) We don't care who you are - We don't care about you one way or another. BUT, if you either have, or may be getting, a Nuke, well, maybe then we'll talk to you - so long as you capitulate to all my demands before we deign sit down with you. Otherwise - Fuck You - My Nukes are bigger'n yours. Ya wanna play - fine - Jesus and I have already spoken about this matter.

On the other hand - if you've got some oil - here's a first-class ticket to D.C., and I can free up some time (just for you, ya understand) whenever ya get here. Hell - come to Crawford - we'll call Cheney - we'll shoot some brush and other defenseless stuff. (I'll keep Laura in the house - her medication knocks the fuck out of her in the mornin's, ya know). Shit, give me a week's notice, and I'll have some wingless birds flown in for Cheney - some Jack Daniels for me - hmmm, whaddya want for yourself?

rimone said...

LOL, oldschool. :-)

lukery said...

wot rimone sed