Saturday, January 20, 2007

Turkish-Armenian journalist shot to death

"To say we live in strange times would be an understatement. Most likely, we live in a Kafka novel:
"Hrant Dink, a Turkish-Armenian journalist, was shot to death in front of his office in Istanbul. He had been prosecuted under an insane Turkish law of "insulting Turkishness," although it is not known if the murder is related to his writings about the Arminian genocide of 1915."
Let me make a suggestion to the authorities: start with the kid in the white hat, but see if he was paid by anyone with any connection to the Gray Wolves. It could be just a random act of violence or it could be an act of terrorism/assassination. Whenever a journalist gets killed it is something to question deeply, because of the free passage - much like diplomats - journalists are generally granted. "

RIP. and may all of our friends stay safe.


rimone said...

"insulting Turkishness'

can insulting Americanishness or whatever be next?

lukery said...

can i be at the top of that list?

rimone said...

NO! ME FIRST! but i'm willing to share the honors. :-)