Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the radical analysis is in fact the accurate analysis

* wow - the qantas thing has gone nuts. for example athenae. americablog. amy. (and that's just the "A's." we're famous! yay, us.

* jonathon:
"I haven't read Carter's book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, but judging by his TV appearances there's a real problem with his analysis—it's not radical enough. And because the radical analysis is in fact the accurate analysis, the non-radical story Carter tells has some gaping holes in it. "

* amy:
Support for U.S. Deteriorates Around World
A new BBC survey found that support for the United States has deteriorated around the world. A survey of twenty-five nations, found seventy-three percent of respondents disapprove of the U.S. role in Iraq. More than two thirds of respondents believe the US military presence in the Middle East provokes more conflict than it prevents.

* amy:
Rep. Maxine Waters Urges Lawmakers To March Against War
During his state of the union tonight, President Bush is expected to defend his escalation of the war in Iraq despite increasing Congressional opposition. On Monday, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California announced she would take part in Saturday"s anti-war rally in Washington organized by United for Peace and Justice. Waters sent a letter to every other member of the House urging them to participate.

* amy:
Sen. John Warner Says Escalation of War is a Mistake
The former Republican chair of the Senate Armed Forces Committee has also come out criticizing the president"s plan in Iraq. Senator John Warner of Virginia introduced a resolution Monday calling the escalation of the war a mistake.

* amy:
Corporate CEOs Call For Action Over Global Warming
During the state of the union, President Bush is also expected to put forward proposals on health care, immigration, the economy and global warming. On Monday, a group of leading corporate executives met in Washington to urge the president and Congress to set mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to stop global warming.

* amy:
Paper: Israeli Officials Prepare Public For Attack on Iran
The Independent of London is reporting that senior Israeli politicians and analysts appear to be preparing the Israeli public for a military conflict with Iran. Iran has been the central topic of discussion at a major security forum this week in the Israeli resort of Herzliya. Speakers at the forum have included top Israeli and U.S. officials, four U.S. presidential candidates and several leading neoconservatives including Richard Perle and former CIA director James Woolsey. A reporter from the Financial Times wrote: "The war drums are beating pretty loudly here in Herzliya." State Department official Nicholas Burns said there is no doubt that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon. James Woolsey likened Iran to Nazi Germany. Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards told the conference: "The challenges in your own backyard – represent an unprecedented threat to the world and Israel." Republican presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain have also addressed the forum.


Superteemu said...

On two separate occasions today, some apolitical co-workers brought up the Qantas thing. I guess the blame didn't hit exactly right target, as the follow-up comments were along the lines of "yeah, that Bush guy is totally nuts."

I'm not sure if I should be sad; "sure, you can take away my habeas corpus rights, but try to take away this shirt and we'll revolt!"

lukery said...

heh - thnx teemu.


Kax said...

20,000 additional troops sent to Iraq is not a surge. It's a Madison Avenue PR ploy, like 20,000 extra scrubbing bubbles in your soap box. It'll sell soap, allright, but will it wash away all the blood? No way.