Wednesday, January 31, 2007

talking turkey

* UPI:
"Turkish security officials in raids in multiple cities have arrested roughly 50 terror suspects believed to be al-Qaida members.
The raids took place simultaneously in Konya, Istanbul, Izmir, Kocaeli and Mardin, the Turkish news agency Anadolu said Monday.
The suspects had been under surveillance for the past 18 months; there was no word about concrete plans to plot a terror attacks.
German security experts according to Spiegel Online don't expect the arrests to hand a decisive blow to al-Qaida, however.
Turkish authorities on previous occasions have arrested several suspects, most of whom were released again after 24 hours. Nevertheless, the potential terrorist threat in Turkey is great, analysts say."
* meanwhile, Mizgin:
"WHY did Deep State murder Dink? This is an election year, so anything is possible.

AKP has been moving its rhetoric closer in sound to the ultra-nationalist end of the spectrum because it wants to win the elections and has to counter the ultra-nationalist noise coming from everyone else. There has also been an increase in black operations since Semdinli, to encourage a sense of terror in the population so that it will look to hardline ultra-nationalists for protection.

At this moment, in my opinion, the Dink murder was a false flag operation consistent with Gladio tactics, by which Deep State hopes to discredit the AK government as being able to control the domestic situation, thus feeding the the propaganda which dictates that everyone is trying to destroy Turkey. By this means the Deep State hopes to maintain the status quo which has been so very good to them for so many decades."

* meanwhile, reuters via larisa:
"Turkish police were warned a year ago about a plot to kill Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, media said on Tuesday, the latest suggestion authorities could have prevented a murder that has shocked the nation."


calipendence said...

Hmm... Mizgin, perhaps you can comment on this. I often wonder what Turks think when we throw around the word "impeach" a lot and it probably gets in their news reports a lot there. I'm wondering if it sounds to them like we're saying "Iyim, piç!" or something like that which I believe translates to "I'm fine, bastard!" (Correct me if that slaughters their grammatical constructs) I wonder if that provokes some amusement amongst them! :)

calipendence said...

An Armenian friend of mine also notes that "abush" in Armenian means idiot too.

So we were both speculating that in Turkish/Armenian forums where the discussion gets heated, perhaps we can say "Impeach a Bush" as a puzzle, and have them both collectively translate that into meaning "I'm fine, Bastard Idiot!" to lighten it up a bit! :)

Mizgîn said...

Sorry, I have not had the chance to reply, Calipendence.

You could try your iyim piç idea on heated forums, but my experience has shown me that Turks on forums do not have any sense of humor. It may backfire and they'll put on an act like they've been insulted by the use of the word "piç."

This phony insult act is always hypocritical; they're insulted by vulgar words but defend mindlessly vulgar state terrorism.