Tuesday, February 20, 2007


* steve a in the comments:
"I suspect the reason people have strong opinions about atheists has to do with how people think of morality. They know next to nothing about the people who say they are atheists. But, they believe that people are dependent on religious convictions to be able to make morally justified decisions. The idea, I believe, is that atheists may be nice folks, but you couldn't trust them to do the right thing.

The general presumption that atheists are immoral needs to be addressed in order for anyone who is a professed atheist to get anywhere in politics.

Of course, they could always lie about having religious convictions, in order to appear to have a moral compas to these people. But, we wouldn't want to vote for them."
steve a is right, to some extent, but as far as i'm concerned, until the world is willing to love & appreciate poofter-loving anti-war atheists then we'll never have a civilized peace.

atrios is exactly right on this front - the concept of Dog-lovers having a monopoly on 'morality' is completely fucked up.

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

Around Christmas I began to write the story of the angel of Hudson Street for you guys. It's a great story which addresses religion, morality and what we believe—life and death and all that good shit. I told the story a couple years ago to my state online group and it generated lots of interest, but made some nice people unhappy, and admittedly it's a bullshit story.

Well, Windows allowed me an update to my browser which was working great with the template, and I got so enthusiastic about playing around that I managed to lose the little bit I wrote—and being naturally lazy I didn't try again.

Today, I can't update my browser, and Microsoft knows it can suck my butt. You guys haven't heard about the sacred angel, and in my mind are sadly compromised in life by my slothful neglect. And finally, the question of "is God real" remains unresolved.

If it's a real issue for anyone, the answer is found in this story. I didn't write it because I post enough subjective philosophy-drivel. Although it's a painful story, it's pretty good, and I can tell it if you want.

Don said...

"Subjective philosophy" (I disagree strenuously with the 'drivel' characterization) is what separates us from the animals running the show these days and their slavish masses. They accept anything they're told at face value, never consider how anything fits into the big picture, and think of nothing beyond the basest primal instincts. Thus, the world is going to hell, and why I find 53% a relatively encouraging number.

While I can't speak for anyone else but I'm certainly intrigued now, painful story of no. In the loss of 2 good friends in the last month, I've (re-)learned it's in the worst episodes of life that we learn and grow the most. If an episode can contribute even a kernel of truth to our understanding of our meagre existences, it's worth it.

So please, tell us of the angel of Hudson Street. I for one would very much like to hear it.

(pulling up a cushion to listen to Unca Uranus tell a story ;) )

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Thanks, Don. I was sorting this story out in my mind, and I'll make a post later.

lukery said...

thnx MR U - looking fwd to it.

Don - sorry to hear about your losses.