Wednesday, February 21, 2007

USS. John Stennis has arrived in the Persian Gulf

* larisa:
"I just got word that the USS. John Stennis has arrived in the Persian Gulf on February 15. It apparently steamed better than 24 knots and had no port calls, which suggests it was in a hurry."

* emptywheel: "Indicting Dick, the Trial Edition"

* jeralyn livebloggin fitz' closing:
"Fitz remains animated, he's talking very fast. Too fast. He's racing through slides of exhibits as fast as Wells was. He has a huge reservoir of knowledge of the details in the case. He's also trying Cheney here as much as Libby."

"Many of the details included in the (Wilkes/Foggo) indictment appear to come from Subordinate X. If Combs is cooperating with prosecutors, they have a source who was intimately involved with Wilkes' lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill."
sweet. Combs is Wilkes' nephew. He and Wade are singing. Will Michael Mack go down?

* wsj:
"The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested records and interview transcripts from the Pentagon’s inspector general’s review of the activities of former Undersecretary of Defense, Douglas Feith.

Congressional officials said the committee wants the materials to gauge whether it should conduct further hearings or its own investigation into Feith’s pre-Iraq war intelligence operation that an IG report released last week said acted in “inappropriate” ways. In particular, the IG report said that Feith’s office circumvented normal intelligence channels in producing reports that drew purported links between Saddam Hussein and the al Qaeda terrorist network.
The Senate Armed Services Committee and the House Intelligence Committee also have said in recent days that they’re considering further probing Feith and his office’s intelligence operations."

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