Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ehren Watada Petition

I received this letter from Kathleen asking you to sign the petition to support Ehren Watada.

Dear Luke and the GSF,

Thank you for supporting Lt. Watada's cause.

In light of current developments, with Sarh Olson's courageous stand and subsequent legal success, I would like to call your attention to an Appeal to Congress, which I drafted for Ehren's father, Robert Y. Watada, asking for Congressional hearings on the Constitutional issues raised in Lt. Watada's case, dated September 18th.

Please support our petition to Congress at, asking for Joint Congressional hearings, to examine the legal issues facing our current servicemen and women and the legal jeopardy in which they are placed when there was no real imminent threat and the use of force is not a formally declared war.

This is, at best, a grey area in the law, vis a vis, a Servicemen's rights and duty to their oath of service and they deserve to have this clarified before they are deprived of their liberty and good name, for honoring their oath of service to defend our Constitution from domestic enemies, by refusing to obey illegal orders. in our nation's name.

Lt. Watada's right and duty to obey his conscience is paramount, in our Constitution. One of those God-Given, inalienable rights, I might add.

When one branch of the government lies to another branch of the government, the legality of giving a blank check to the offending branch, is questionable at best. Lt. Watada's oath of service required him to protect our Constitution from domestic enemies, like those in public office who circumvented our Consitution to take the nation to war, without just cause.

With Senator Russ Feingold, Chairman of the Senate SubCommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights & Property Rights. conducting hearings on Congress' authority to use the power of the purse, to end the war in Iraq, surely a hearing on the Consitutional issues raised by Lt. Watada's case, is in order.

Please help us get Congress to examine the Constitutional issues raised in Ehren's case, to help all service personel faced with these tough decisions understand.


Kathleen Grasso Andersen


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