Friday, March 30, 2007

Daniel Hopsicker (Guest post by Noise)

He gets a lot of criticism from some people in the so called 9/11 truth movement. In your opinion is he credible?


Miguel said...

Good question. I haven't read his book, so without reading it, it is hard to evaluate. My sense is that he's got some good stuff you can't find anywhere else, but he may have jumped to conclusions on certain aspects.

I would have to read his book to make a full evaluation.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I admit I didn't know who Daniel Hopsicker is, so I searched and read a little. He's a darn good writer, and comes across as scholarly and fair. His criticism seems to be that his comments could go further; if I'm comprehending it, it isn't much of a criticism. In visiting sites I saw many stories about different 9/11 enablers and kept wondering why we can't get the final version--aside from the obvious reason the culprits don't want to go to prison.

damien said...

Hopsicker is fantastic. He has uncovered that Atta was present in Florida both before and after the FBI say he was. He has also interviewed a number of Atta's neighbours and taxi drivers etc, who all point to Atta being part of a drug network. Then there's Wolfgang Bohringer. He was Atta's closest friend in Florida, partying, drug-taking with him etc. Atta called him 'my brother'. After 9/11 Bohringer disappeared only to reappear in the South Pacific Kiribat('Kiribas')Islands in late 2006 where he was trying to open up a - wait for it - a flight school! Apparently he was loaded up with cash, weapons and multiple passports. Bohringer was allegedly detained by authorities.Then, unlike most terror suspects, he was released after two days(!). The word from Hopsicker (allegedly via CIA contacts)is that Bohringer was a CIA agent. Which raises the obvious question: "Was he a CIA agent when he was with Atta?".

Hopsicker also has great details on the 5.5 ton Mexican drug bust in Mar(?) 2005. The plane was decked out in Homeland security look-alike signage and - before the ownership was hurriedly changed - was owned by a company headed by republican stalwart Brent Kovar with ties to defense giant Titan Corp.

Remember, also, that Atta went to Huffman Aviation on an I-20 visa which is an educational visa tied to a particular educational institution. So Atta didn't get to Huffman juast by chance. Moreover, Huffman was not accredited to accept students under education visa guidelines. So Atta's presence there was dodgy indeed. It is quite clear that Huffman's owner, Wally Hilliard,was running a number of illegal flights into the Caribean that appear to be drug related and been conducted with some sort of tacit approval from one or more US regulatory agencies (ie CIA, DEA. FBI). There were over 200 flight schools in Fla when Atta arrived. Why choose Huffman? And more importantly, if it was a drug trafficking flight center, wouldn't the 'backers' want to know who was attending their flight school? Hopsicker covers all this very well.

Personally, I've found Hopsicker's style a bit exhausting if only because it's all sensational and in breathless, gossipy scraps. I'd prefer if he published some decent, simple summary accounts once in a while. But his investigative work on 9/11 is excellent, imho.

Sanders Hicks thinks highly of Hosicker's information.

Uncle $cam said...

Here's another voice for Hopsicker.
He has done some fine work that nobody else even touches or comes close to.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't seem to think much of Michael C. Ruppert (of for some reason though, who used to be big on the 9/11 truth movement. That confuses me a bit, and now I don't know who to believe.

noise said...

The drug angle fits with the appearance of Atta and some other hijackers on the Sun Cruise gambling boats before 9/11. Of course that brings Jack Abramoff into the picture.

I remember reading the story about Wolfgang Bohringer setting up another flight school on Hopsicker's site. Would a CIA agent be that stupid/arrogant? It reminded me of the "dancing Israeli" account...would Mossad agents really be dumb enough to cheer as planes hit the WTC? IMO, these particular stories don't add up. They come across a psyops.

It seems likely we are talking about doubles. Hopsicker's Atta and McDermott's Atta had to have been different people.

damien said...

I have to disagree with you on this one Noise. Yes I do think that Bohringer would be dumb enough to set up a flight school following 9/11. Whether he was actually a CIA agent is another matter. But his freedom is bizarre given his close association with Atta. That link alone should have seen him detained. It's a reasonable conclusion that he likely has some US intelligence/FBI/DEA connections of one kind or other.

And I also think there is plenty of material,including police and FBI interviews with the dancing Israelis,to give a lot of credibility to that story. The FBI and CIA have been pretty crude in handling story lines: intimidate witnesses, issue denials, just ignore etc. I don't think these two stories are psyops exercises. They're just real artifacts of 9/11 that the US authorities see no great need to explain.

noise said...

The good news is that in just a few more weeks former CIA Director Tenet will clear up all the confusion in his book.

noise said...

My use of psyops was misleading. I don't mean to suggest the stories were BS but I wonder if the intention of the intelligence agents was not what it appeared to be. Who are these alleged intelligence agents? Did they skip a few"Rule #1: Don't do stupid shit."

Ketchum's best theory is that the moving van agents were under CIA protection so they knew they could brag about their involvement in a mass murder. Rather unconvincing IMO.

Perhaps the moving van agents agenda was to play to the "Israel did it" segment of US society. Admittedly, this isn't a compelling rationale but perhaps the purpose was to get the public to focus externally. Ketchum is pretty cautious when he writes about the possibility of the CIA knowing everything the moving van agents knew. He seems more surefooted when considering whether the moving van agents knew a lot more about the attacks than they shared with US intel.

Bohringer's flight school plan was nuts. I don't get it. Maybe the real intention was to demoralize Americans by having some mystery operative claiming he is affiliated with the CIA, links to Atta and attempting to setup a flight school ...and not have this story covered by anyone but Hopsicker yet Anna Nicole Smith is covered wall to wall.

damien said...

Ketchum's best theory is that the moving van agents were under CIA protection so they knew they could brag about their involvement in a mass murder. Rather unconvincing IMO. - I agree. I am not sure about the CIA role, but there is a prima facie case that some in Israeli intelligence were aware that 9/11 was coming.(1)(2)

Ed Hass also has an interesting tale: In October 2000, approximately 11 months prior to September 11, 2001, a former Israeli Defense Force member and veteran of the Yom Kippur War overheard a conversation in Hebrew between two men in a Jewish cemetery in New Jersey. "The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September." One of the men that had been leaning against the retaining wall expressed concerns regarding whether the upcoming presidential election (November 2000) between Bush / Cheney and Gore / Lieberman could impact the plans. The other man said, "Don’t worry, we have people in high places and no matter who gets elected, they will take care of everything."( link) This account is obviously difficult to verify. But I suspect it’s true and that elements within Mossad were aware of 9/11planning.

Egyptian journalist and former government official Mohamed Heikal says that al Qaeda had been fully penetrated by most major intelligence services and that it would have been impossible for al Qaeda to have mounted any attacks in secret, particularly one of this magnitude.

Of course, those who subscribe to the "Osama did it" school say the terrorists used internet chat and emails to do the planning, thus avoiding scrutiny. Ok, but the Israelis were monitoring the terrorists in the US, if Hopsicker is to be believed (I do). I think many people knew about 9/11 going down and they were either crooks, corrupt, in on it or supporters. I think there are plenty of good, unanswered questions here.

No, Noise, I don’t think George Tenet will shed much light on anything.

Bohringer's flight school plan was nuts. I don't get it. Maybe the real intention was to demoralize Americans by having some mystery operative claiming he is affiliated with the CIA, links to Atta and attempting to setup a flight school ...

Again,there is no reason to infer an overarching CIA conspiracy here. The CIA is probably awash with loose cannons and questionable types left over from various intel ops. Bohringer was a close associate of Atta's if the evidence is to be believed and he was picked up in Kiribat in 2006 with multiple passports, serious money and weapons. The only real questions here relate to why he's still walking around given his Atta link. He seems real enough, although his background isn't clear. If Hopsicker is to be believed, Bohringer has arms trafficker friends in high places with US conections.

Sorry I have no real answers Noise. I just think these particular stories are worth pursuing. Cheers.

noise said...

Ketcham's account suggests the Mossad had prior knowledge. One theory is that they were working for the CIA (or compartmentalized/privatized CIA) and had learned that the Bush administration had given the attacks a green light. Perhaps it was an issue where the powerful people in both countries stood to gain from the attacks and too bad for the public. The propagandists want the public to buy into the concept of is in it together...all for for all...but the reality seems to be class warfare. Meaning the interests of the "elites" take priority over the safety of the public at large.

Perhaps the moving van celebration was a twisted blackmail operation of some kind.