Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who do you want for president? (guest post by Uranus)

The girl who linked me to the Colorado story is a good, progressive democrat I've known 37 years. She wants Obama for president. Eric Blumrich wants Dennis Kucinich and Eric designed that website. Meet Dennis here. And Amy has the story. I like him. He's about the only guy who says of course impeachment is on the table.

Who do you like in 2008?


Miguel said...

It's WAY too early to think about the presidential contest. The only thing I can say now is: Anybody But Hillary.

Kucinich is the dream candidate but doesn't appear to have much of a chance.

tony c said...

At this point, I'll have to go w/ Ron Paul.

He's anti-neocon, pro-constitution, and thinks we should abolish the private Federal Reserve play-money system.

Readers of this blog would probably enjoy his speech exposing the neocons philosophy of elitist Machiavellian tyranny. Transcripts and sound files are floating about in cyberspace.

steven andresen said...

At this moment I am wanting to write in the current Prez of Cuba, "Fidel Castro." Better an almost dead Cuban with a passable record over a decent period of time than corrupt ninnies who seemingly have been hatched in the last few weeks.

He's got a good record on health care, education, and national defense.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Those are all good points. I hadn't thought about Kucinich until a couple days ago. He seems to be itching for a fight, which is good, and I like to say the word "Kucinich." Democrats should think all the time about who they want and where. The GOP does it, and a lot of other things, according to Sen. Edward Kennedy, who accused Bush of using the Department of Justice to promote "right-wing ideology" and influence the 2008 presidential election. You have to know they're thinking about 2012, and I have a hunch there's some serious discussion of the forcible insertion of Jeb Bush into the White House. Democrats need to support a candidate in 2008 with the nuts to fight the bare-knuckle brawl in 2012. Hillary ain't it. Does framing the issue that way suggest anybody in particular?

calipendence said...

For me I'm hoping the ticket will be Gore/Feingold. But there are other combos that I might get behind... Whoever it is, I would prefer it to be someone that through no uncertain words from themselves indicates that they won't be a corporate whore by saying that they will be an advocate for public campaign financing or a similar stance on another issue that Corporate America is likely to be diametrically opposed to.

I want someone with a passion to do things right and not just someone that's a mouthpiece for those paying his/her way into office. I think it is so essential that we get revolutionary changes soon that are similar in scope to FDR's New Deal, and that will only help if we find some way to get someone in charge that isn't owned by corporations.

Other issues such as getting out of Iraq, global warming, fixing our outsourcing of jobs, health insurance, etc. will be a lot easier to solve if we take care of the issue of how people get elected and who are their "masters"!

For me, a Gore/Feingold combination is probably most likely to take these steps than others I've seen, but I'll keep my eyes open!

noise said...

I can't believe the election cycle has started. I find it very weird (and nauseating).

«—U®Anu§—» said...

It's sick all right, and that Hillary is a big fundraiser makes me puke a little. Gonzales himself could beat her. The next two or three presidential elections should be gut wrenching. I can hardly wait.