Wednesday, March 14, 2007

gay people and militaries

* jeff:
"The way I presently look at the gays in the military issue is that gays have served in militaries since there have been gay people and militaries"

* tpm:
"Another gem from the document dump. Less than a month before a Justice Department official told Congress that U.S. Attorney David Iglesias was fired for "performance related" concerns, the Attorney General agreed to be a job reference for the guy."

* digby:
"Remember, Republicans have retired the concept of hypocrisy. Consistency and intellectual integrity are for losers."
* digby:
'One of the silliest conventions of modern journalism is that the press can't tell a story if "the other side" isn't screaming about it. Republicans are always screaming (and often are the ones feeding the scandal to the press in the first place) so it's very easy to find that hook. Democrats don't have the institutional infrastructure to successfully manufacture scandals and are often slow off the mark in seeing real ones, so the press doesn't feel they have any reason to pursue them.
The problem here is that many in the press seem to see their role as some sort of referee and conduit for the two parties instead of independent fact finders and purveyors of truth."

* kleiman on the purge:
"How perfect is it that the firings were done on Pearl Harbor Day, and that the people being fired weren't told in advance? Sometimes I think the Bushoids are completely humorless; other times I wonder if they have a sly sense of humor and are laughing at all the suckers."


damien said...

Alexander the Great was gay. He was a bit of a whimpy bastard.

lukery said...

with a name like that, he was obviously a fag