Wednesday, March 14, 2007

my take on 'don't ask, don't tell'

* my take on 'don't ask, don't tell': don't ask me to support any stupid wars, and i won't tell you to fuck off. (oh - and Peter Pace is a moron)

* josh on the purge:
"What people tend to overlook is that for most White House's a US attorney involved in such a politically charged and ground-breaking corruption probe would have been untouchable, even if she'd run her office like a madhouse and was offering free twinkies to every illegal who made it across the border. Indeed, when you view the whole context you see that the idea she was fired for immigration enforcement is just laughable on its face. No decision about her tenure could be made without the main issue being that investigation. It's like hearing that Pat Fitzgerald was fired as Plamegate prosecutor for poor deportment or because he was running up too many air miles flying back and forth from Chicago.

Lam's investigation (and allied ones her probe spawned) were uncovering a) serious criminal wrongdoing by major Republican power players on Capitol Hill, b) corruption at the CIA -- which reached back to the Hill, c) and as yet still largely hidden corrupt dealings at the heart of the intelligence operations in the Rumsfeld Pentagon."

* sibel "is either holding the final nail in the Bush Administration's coffin or she's got a lot of people fooled." (link)

* amy:
"Admin Urges Appeals Court to Reject AT&T Spy Suit
Back in the United States, the Bush administration is urging an appeals court to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the telecom giant AT&T of illegally helping the National Security Agency spy on the internet use of US citizens. In court papers released Monday, the Justice Deparment says the suit’s subject matter, including AT&T’s ties to government surveillance, is a “state secret.” The filing was released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which brought the suit."
(more here on youtube about how the LAT dropped the story)

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